Teachers’ promotions – TSC gives secondary school teachers a raw deal

Nothing for the secondary school teachers in the TSC adverts for promotions.

Promotions for a post primary teacher is still far from being achieved according to the adverts doing round in the social media walls.

In Teachers Training Colleges, TTCs, only 4 Deputies who must currently be in D4 are eligible for promotions

In Secondary Schools only 81 Senior Principals currently in D4 will be promoted to be Chief Principals.

All Principals in D3 have nothing to apply for.

The Deputy Principals currently in D2 will compete for 610 slots for both regular and special schools.

There are also some 17 slots for Deputies in D2 who may want to be Senior most Deputies in D3.

There are some 725 D2 slots for Deputies currently in D1 to compete for.

Teachers in C5 will compete for 239 Deputy III or D1 slots as well as 208 Senior Master 2, still D1 slots.

Teachers with Diploma will also compete for 1330 slots to be promoted to C3.

Technically 80% of post primary school teachers have no share in the promotion, This is the most inhumane face of an employer where by out of 110 000 employees only 3214 can be promoted

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Even if the employer claims that she promoted all teachers in 2017, that’s now almost 5 years ago. Their own guidelines guarantees for promotion every 3 years, this should at worse be contested legally or protested to compel the employer to guarantee it’s members what is due for them.

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