The JumboPesa plus loans App; How to download the app and get fast, cheap loans
The JumboPesa plus loans App; How to download the app and get fast, cheap loans
Mobile loans have become more popular for customers seeking quick loans. Unlike over the counter loans, mobile loans offer convenience and flexibility. Take for example if one had an emergency; that requires financial attention, over the weekend and on public holidays when most banking halls are closed! Such an individual will suffer a great deal. But thanks to mobile loans Apps, one can process the loans online and instantly. All what is required is a smart phone and you will get your loan instantly. Furthermore, mobile loans are paperless and thus very few requirements, if any, are needed. Again, there so many lenders providing loans online. The Mobile lenders have developed Apps that can be downloaded freely from Play Store. Here is one of the lenders providing such loans online.

JumboPesa plus

JumboPesa Plus is a simple, entirely ,leading lending platform that provides short-term loans services in Kenya to help you covering unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs. You can apply for a JumboPesa Plus loans with 24 hours a day ,7 days a week with our quick application process that lets you know your status within minutes. Fast and quick online loans in Kenya without collateral, it’s easy to download and apply for JumboPesa Plus loans.

Easy to get started.

This is how to go about it:
  • Sign on with M-Pesa login
  • Quick application
  • Get cash loan straight into your M-Pesa
  • Build loan limit up to 50,000 Ksh by keeping loan payments on time

Terms and Conditions

JumboPesa charges a service fee of 10-15% of principal. Loans range from 500 Ksh – 50,000 Ksh over a 1-12 week term. Interest ranges from 18% – 180% with an equivalent monthly interest of 1.5% – 15% Example: 2 weeks loan; 10% service fee (on-time repayment) Loan amount: Ksh 5,000 Amount of Service Fee: Ksh 500 Management fee: Ksh 490 Interest: Ksh 35 Total Repayable: Ksh 5525 CONTACTS Email: [email protected] Facebook: Twitter: Website: Download the JumboPesa App from Google play store and solve your financial needs urgently

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