The new Minet Medical cover for teachers 2023; All that you should know

The new minet insurance contract with the TSC came to effect on 1st of Dec 2022.

The cover has now raised the number of dependants from 5 to 6.

The co-pay has been raised from 50 to 100 shillings per outpatient visit per individual for dental, optical and specialized doctor consultation services.

The co- pay shall be charged on a repeat service within 14 days from the previous visit.

Previously the co-pay used to be charged on a repeat service within 7 days.

The limits for outpatient , inpatient, maternity, dental and optical have been scaled upwards.

The last respect and the group cover has been replaced with last expense with a flat rate of 300000 shillings which should include mortuary fee, hearse, and transport for immediate family members.

Get full information here: TSC Minet Medical Scheme For Teachers 2023-2024 (Full information)

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