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Update on new mobile platform.

  1. All Mwalimu National Members have been integrated on the new Mwalimu Mobile Platform.

2. you will be a release of text messages with a new PIN to log into the new platform through a USSD as will be advised

3. Members using the USSD will log in using the PIN sent to log I and enter details as required then change their passwords

4. Using the new password log to the new MwalimuHela (which you can download from playstore)

5. User name is your phone number. Password is the new password you change into. On log in. The app wi ask for activation

6. Get the activation code from the Mobile ussd platform  the activation code will be used to activate MwalimuHela

7. When you log in go to my account by entering 5

8. Then go to mobile app by entering 3

9. Finally enter 1 to get sms with activation code

10. Use that code to activate the MwalimuHela up and you will be ready to use the app.

The screenshots below can act as a good quick guide on how to use the new Mwalimu Mobile App.

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