Things ladies must avoid inorder to attract men for marrriage 2023 .

1.Avoid taking the show ,Let your man take over in the conversation.

2.Dont tell your man how far you have travelled eg how you visited Dubai,USA,SA on trips. Men get intimidated by complicated ladies. Be simple and speak simply.

3.Ladies,Stop please calling your man all time ,Find credit to call ,Send him fare to visit you,Pay bills when you have .He will stick forever.

4.Avoid checking his phone ,assume that there could be someone and work to be the best.

5.When you have money don’t keep it all ,Mwambie leo niko na pesa hunnie.

6.If employed,Pewa salary ulete kwake and tell him hunnie this month you will manage us.

Trust me that man will take you home.

Thank me later.


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