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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is set to hire about 10,000 intern teachers this October. This is in a bid to reduce the teething shortages in Secondary and Primary Schools. 4,300 teachers will be recruited on contract basis in Primary schools, while Secondary schools have been given 6,000 slots. The Commission is targeting to employ over 80,000 interns to help reduce the staff shortages in public primary and secondary schools that have been occasioned by introduction of free education.

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Those in Secondary Schools will get a stipend of Kes 15,000 per month but which will be subjected to statutory deductions. the Statutory deductions include HELB Loan, PAYE tax, Medical fees (NHIF) and NSSSF; among others. Their counterparts in Primary schools will pocket a gross salary of Kes 10,000 monthly.

In the past, TSC has given preference to teachers employed on contracts when filling permanent and pensionable vacancies. It is expected that the recruited interns would thus be employed on permanent basis when the vacancies are advertised.

Application deadline

Interested and qualified candidates have till the 23rd of October, 2019 to tender their applications. The candidates should meet the following minimum requirements; read details here: 2019 TSC recruitment guidelines for teachers

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