Full list of allowances paid to teachers by TSC; How to get the allowances.
Full list of allowances paid to teachers by TSC; How to get the allowances.

Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, enjoy a number of allowances. This is besides the monthly basic salaries paid to the tutors. The allowances are paid either on a monthly basis (together with basic pay) or as a one off payment.

TSC allowances are computed and paid as per the teachers’ grade. Those in higher job groups get higher allowances as opposed to their counterparts in lower cadres.

Below is a complete list of allowances paid to teachers;


These are allowances paid by TSC to teachers; without the latter having to request for them. They are periodically paid; with most of them coming on a monthly basis.

House Allowance

The Commission pays monthly house allowance to every teacher in its employment at a rate determined by the Commission from time to time. The current rates were proposed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC; where teachers in major towns and municipalities earn higher perks than those in rural areas.

There have been calls by the teachers’ unions for harmonization of the house allowance. This will see teachers in the same job group getting equal for house allowance, irrespective of their workstations.

Where a teacher is on interdiction and is on half salary, the Commission pays the full house allowance until the case is determined.

Commuter Allowance

TSC pays commuter allowances to teachers on a monthly basis. This is paid out according to the teachers’ job grades.

A teacher under interdiction or suspension is not be entitled to payment of commuter allowance.

Hardship Allowance

Teachers assigned to teach in a school situated in a designated and gazzetted hardship area receive monthly hardship allowances. There are plans to degazette some of the hardship areas; which have since seen development and upgrade.

The allowances are paid as per the teachers’ job groups.

Special Duty Allowance

The Commission, in the absence of qualified teachers, pays Special Duty Allowance
to teachers appointed to perform administrative duties which are not commensurate to the teachers’ grades and who are stationed in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands.

A teacher shall relinquish Special Duty Allowance where the teacher: –

  •  is transferred out of the arid and semi-arid lands;
  • is relieved of administrative duties; or
  • attains the grade for the post in which the teacher was acting.
    Responsibility Allowance

TSC pays Responsibility Allowance to Head of Institution, deputy Head of Institution and Senior Teachers. This allowance has since been incorporated and paid together with the administrators’ monthly salaries.

Responsibility Allowance is pensionable only where a teacher receives the allowance on the day immediately before retirement.

The Commission stops payment of Responsibility Allowance to a teacher where the teacher ceases to perform administrative responsibilities.

A teacher entitled to Responsibility Allowance shall claim for the payment of the allowance from the Commission, in case such a teacher is not receiving the allowance.

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Special School Allowance

The Commission from time to time determines and pays Special School Allowance to a teacher who possess skills in special education and who is assigned to a special school or special unit.

A teacher entitled to Special School Allowance is expected claim the payment of the allowance in writing through the Head of Institution.

The Commission stops payment of special school allowance to a teacher who ceases to perform duties in a special school.


Get all the latest information on the following major TSC allowances:

TSC House Allowance

TSC Commuter Allowance

TSC Hardship Allowance

TSC Leave Allowance

Reader’s, Facilitation or Aid Allowance

TSC determines and pays a Reader’s, Facilitation or Aid Allowance to a teacher who is blind, deaf, dumb or with physical disabilities, provided that he is confined to a wheel chair to enable him hire an assistant.

Leave Allowance

Teachers receive annual Leave Allowance from TSC. This allowance is paid once a year; together with the January salaries. The allowance is pegged on a teacher’s job grade.

Reimbursable Allowances

These are allowances paid to teachers after they have spent their funds; while in the line of duty. The teacher must make a formal request to the Commission for the funds to be released. See the allowances that fall in this category, below;

Transfer Allowance

This allowance is paid to a teacher whenever such a teacher is transferred from one Sub- county top another. To get the allowance transfer must be initiated by the Commission.

TSC does not  pay Transfer Allowance to a teacher who initiates a transfer.

For the current rates paid to teachers, visit TSC latest allowances per job group.

Travelling Expense

The Commission reimburses travelling expenses at Government rates, including the travelling of a spouse and up to four unmarried children who are dependent on the teacher
up to their twenty second (22nd) birthday which include the cost of transporting the
personal effects incurred in travelling.

TSC reimburses a teacher travelling expenses where the teacher is: –

  •  on first appointment posted or engaged to take up a new appointment in a County other than his home sub county;
  • posted to a place designated and gazzetted as arid and semi-arid lands provided that he does not hail from the area and shall only be entitled to this allowance three times every financial year;
  • on termination of appointment initiated by the Commission, where the school and his home area are not in the same County;
  • found not guilty after a discipline process;
  •  on retirement from service and was working away from the home County.
    Subsistence Allowance

TSC pays Subsistence Allowance to a teacher, who attends a course, seminar, workshop or any official assignment outside the Country.

The allowance is only payable to teachers authorised by the Commission to attend the seminar, workshop or course.

The rates of subsistence allowance payable to a teacher shall be shall be: –

  • quarter per diem where a teacher’s course is fully sponsored; and
  •  full per diem where a teacher’s course is not sponsored.


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