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TSC asked to revoke the transfers of all non-local teachers from Garissa over insecurity

Jul 12, 2024
Ijara Constituency Member of Parliament Hon.Sophia Abdi NoorIjara Constituency Member of Parliament Hon.Sophia Abdi Noor

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has been asked to revoke the recent transfers of all non-local teachers from Garissa over insecurity. Ijara Constituency Member of Parliament Hon.Sophia Abdi Noor has castigated the Commission for taking unilateral decisions by transferring the teachers and leaving learners from the North Eastern Region unattended.

“I have today (Tuesday February 4, 2020) joined my fellow leaders from,Garissa, Wajir and Mandera to discuss the insecurity in the region and the mass exodus of the teachers from the region initiated by the TSC unilaterally without consulting the leadership and even their agents in the field. Whereas we condemn in the strongest possible terms the inhuman acts of terror we as a country should not have fallen into their traps by transferring all the TSC teachers in the region without replacement and in the process creating an educational crisis. We are strongly asking the TSC to revoke all the transfers immediately,” says Hon Abdi.

This comes after TSC announced the transfers of all non-local teachers from Garissa County over insecurity related issues. The Commission is at the same time processing the transfers of teachers working in Mandera and Wajir counties. The transfers have been occasioned by the constant attacks from the terror group Al-Shabaab. The group has been unleashing terror attacks on the non local teachers since 2018.

But, the Legislator now says the local leaders will work closely with the communities’ members to ensure security of the teachers. “On our part as leaders we will encourage our communities to share timely information and intelligence with our security forces so that we can secure our borders,” She adds.

Angry ijara residents have been staging protests (since Monday) over the mass transfers of the teachers from the area. The MP is said to have allegedly stormed the local TSC office and locked it on Monday.
“The Ijara residents express their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the Commission and the Government in general. While the residents already suffer greatly in the hands of the outlawed terrorist group, the reactive decisions often made rub salt onto the wound,” Hon Abdi explains.

According to her, Parents are worried that the TSC’s decision to transfer teachers will only worsen the already dire education and security situation as idle children will now be exposed to radicalization. She says the decision will further encourage the terror groups in conducting more heinous attacks as the Government now appears “ weak.”

Teachers who have fled the region have vowed never to go back.


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