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December 2019 lists of transferred/ delocalized teachers per county. Busia County.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has automated the process of recruiting new members by teachers’ unions. This effectively eliminates the current paper based process in which teachers must fill union application forms.

Newly recruited teachers will now use the TSC T-Pay online portal to process applications for joining their preferred union. The teachers will choose between the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET).

Other Services.

Apart from applying to join a preferred union, T-pay now offers a wide range of other services that include:
1). Accessing the Monthly payslips.
2). Downing the P6 form used for filing yearly tax returns with the Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA.
3). Sending payslips to financial institutions.
4). Approving deductions from one’s pay; loans and BBF deductions among others.
5). Tracking deductions effected on salaries.
6). Joining Teachers Welfares, SACCOS, BBF and Associations.

Steps used when making applications for recruitment to preferred Union, SACCO, Welfare, Association.

This simple procedure enables one to make an application for recruitment to a preferred union, Welfare and/ or Association:

1. Visit T-Pay by using the link;
2). Log onto your account by using your TSC number and Password.
3). Select ‘Click here to send your payslip’.
4). Now select ‘SWA’ under the ‘Select 3rd Party’ box.
5). Make your selection from the listed Categories under the ‘Select Company’ box.
6). Click ‘Send Payslip’ to complete the application.
7). The message, ‘Payslip for this Month has already been Sent to 3rd Party’ will be displayed. This is confirmation that you have successfully made your application.

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