Current list of TSC Commissioners- Kenya.
Current list of TSC Commissioners- Kenya.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is established under Article 237, of the Kenyan Constitution. The Commission consists of a Chairperson and eight other members appointed in accordance with the Constitution and provisions of Section 8 of the TSC Act.

Currently, the Commission’s Chair is Dr. Lydia Nzomo. She was appointed in December 9, 2014. Her six year term comes to an end in in December, 2020.

According to the TSC Act, ‘the chairperson and all members of the Commission shall serve on a full – time basis for a non-renewable term of six years.’ Appointments are done by the President.


For one to be appointed the Commission Chair, such an individual should meet following minimum qualifications:

  • holds a degree in education from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • has knowledge and experience of at least fifteen years in matters relating to education and training; and
  • meets the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.

And for members top the Commission, here are the minimum requirements:

  • holds a degree from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • has knowledge and experience of at least ten years in matters relating to any of the following fields: education; governance; management; or law; and
  • meets the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.In appointing members of the Commission, the President shall ensure that at least two-thirds of the members have experience in education.


Here is the list of all the current TSC Commissioners;

1 Dr. Lydia Nzomo- Chairperson 09/12/2014
2 Mbarak Twahir 20/3/2015
3 Tache Bosa Gollo 20/3/2015
4 Beatrice Marembo Adu 20/3/2015
5 Kinoti Imanyara 20/3/2015
6 Albert Fred Ekirapa 20/3/2015
7 Mbage Njuguna 04/05/2020
8  Leila Abdi 04/05/2020

Functions and Powers of the Commission

The Commission performs the following functions:

  • register trained teachers;
  • recruit and employ registered teachers;
  • assign teachers employed by the Commission for service in any public school or institution;
  • promote and transfer teachers;
  • exercise disciplinary control over teachers;
  • terminate the employment of teachers;
  • formulate policies to achieve its mandate;
  • provide strategic direction, leadership and oversight to the secretariat;
  • ensure that teachers comply with the teaching standards prescribed by the Commission under this Act;
  • manage the payroll of teachers in its employment;
  • ¬†facilitate career progression and professional development for teachers in the teaching service including the appointment of head teachers and principals; and
  • monitor the conduct and performance of teachers in the teaching service.

Role of the Commission

The Commission executes the following roles:

  • reviewing the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service;
  • reviewing the demand for and supply of teachers;
  • advising the national government on matters relating to the teaching profession; and
  • establishing and maintaining a teaching service adequate to the needs of public learning institutions in Kenya.
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