TSC Email activation procedure for all teachers.
TSC Email activation procedure for all teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has said over 76 percent (76%) of teachers have successfully activated their Emails. The Commission has at the same time extended the deadline for for teachers who are yet to activate their Emails as required.

“There is a window for Permanent and Pensionable and intern teachers who have not activated to do so in order to receive official communication from the employer.” Says the Commission.

The initial deadline for Email activation was on 31st April, 2021. The Commission has, however, not given any news on when the Email Activation window will be closed.

With the activation window now open, teachers who had not completed the process can take advantage and do so.

Solving difficulties.

TSC has also provided an easy way for teachers experiencing problems in the Email activation process so as to seek the necessary support. The teachers can now fill a simple form online and their problems will be sorted out.

In the form, teachers with difficulties will provide the following details:

S/NRequired Detail
1Type of problem being experienced
2Problem description (optional)
3Your TSC number
4Your ID Number
5Your First Name (As on ID)
6Your Lst Name
7Your phone number
8Your Email Address

The following resources are very necessary to help you in TSC Email Activation:

TSC Email activation problem reporting form.

The form below should be filled in case you are experiencing difficulties. Simply fill in the required details and click the ‘submit’ button, once done.

Account Support
Please fill in required information for support
1.What do you need help with?Single choice.

2.Problem description (optional)Multi Line Text.
3.TSC numberSingle line text.
4.ID numberSingle line text.
5.First NameSingle line text.
6.Last NameSingle line text.
7.PhoneSingle line text.
We may contact you through the phone you provide here
8.EmailSingle line text.
We may contact you through the email you provide here


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