TSC Frequently Asked Questions; Find the answers here.
TSC Frequently Asked Questions; Find the answers here.

As a TSC teacher, you may be having those questions that you wish TSC could answer. But, at times you may not be able to reach the TSC for answers to the questions. You may be having questions on TSC recruitment, Registration, TPAD, Salaries and many more. We have collated most of these frequently asked questions, together with their answers.

TSC Frequently Asked on TPAD

1. How do I reset my pasword?

You can now easily reset your TPAD password, online. Visit this link for your guide; How to use the new TPAD 2. In case of any further problems contact TSC through; TSC Contacts or Contact your County Director, Deputy County Director, Sub-County Director, County Staffing Officer or your County ICT Officer for assistance with resetting your passwords.

2. I cannot find a teacher in TPAD

Ensure the teacher is captured in TMIS (Teacher Management Information System) by the Principal/Headteacher.

3. How do I file TPAD returns?

To file your TPAD returns, visit this link; TSC TPAD 2. For your guide, visit; TPAD 2 Ultimate guide.

TSC Frequently Asked Questions on Recruitment, Staffing and Promotions

  1.  Why have I not been promoted after completion of 3 years and yet it is automatic ?
  • Lack of appraisal report.
 2. Promotion through interviews (M – R; C3 to D5): Why have I not been promoted after several interviews ?
  1. Inadequate budgetary promotion.
  2. Lack of adequate preparation for interviews by teachers
3.  Why is my transfer request not granted after several applications?
  1. Lack of replacement/ vacancy.
  2. Not completed the 5 year mandatory rule since employment.
4.  Deployments: Why was I demoted from Headship ?
  1. Adverse reports (Financial etc)
  2. Poor performance (Curriculum implementation & Supervision)
5.  Posting: Why was I not posted to schools of my choice after study leave/discipline ?
  1. Postings are done for equitable distribution of teachers.
  2. Lack of vacancy.
 6. Posting: Why was my appeal to alternative stations not granted?
  1. Postings are done for equitable distribution of teachers.
  2. Lack of vacancy.
7.  Recruitment: Why was our school not given any slots for recruitment ?
  1. Overall vacancies slots given are very few in comparison to the total shortage.
8.  Recruitment: Is the TSC considering teachers with disabilities on the 5% affirmative action?

They have to apply and attend interviews. They are given preference where there is a tie between to applicants.

 9. Why are teachers with below C Plain being left out yet they have Completed University training?

The Commission has set the minimum requirements for persons entering the teacher service.

TSC Frequently Asked Questions on Salaries

1. My salary was sent to wrong station. What should I do?

Returned salaries are received by the Revenue Division at the T.S.C headquarters. If for genuine reasons your salary was returned and the division verifies that the case is genuine, they should be able to refund the amount due to you as soon as you contact them.

2. My Salary has delayed. What should I do.

Salaries for newly employed teachers take a maximum of three months to be processed. In case your salary delays, contact TSC to see if your file at the TSC head quarter is having all the required documents.


TSC FAQs on Online payslips

1. How do I access my online payslips?

Visit nearest TSC county office with your original ID for you to be registered for online payslips. Then proceed to log in at the T-Pay portal. Click here for a guide on how to access, download and print your payslip.

2. How can I recover my forgotten password?

Try to remember the secret question and reset your password by clicking forgot password on the login page.

TSC FAQs on new teacher registration

1. How can I register as a teacher?

Use the online step by step guide to register as a TSC teacher. Ensure you have scanned the following prior to starting the registration process;
1.all your academic certificates i.e. primary,secondary,university and college
2. University or college transcripts
3. passport photo
4. banking slip of the registration payment done.


2. How will I know that I’ve been registered?

To check your registration status, on the TSC website under online services select teachers online and choose registration status.

3. How long will certification take?

The certification will take 30 days.

TSC FAQs on Human Resource

1. When do I qualify for a Transfer?

Transfers are subject to availability of vacancies and replacement . If a vacancy is a available and the school gets a suitable replacement, the teacher requesting for the transfer gets it.

3. When do qualified teachers get employed by T.S.C?

1. Available vacancies are advertised in the local dailies, subsequently procedures for applications are provided.
2. All advertised posts are available on the teachersonline.



  1. Concerning the changes for a p1 certificate to a diploma, Is it applicable if one has the p1certificate and is qualified to do a degree chooses to do a degree instead of the diploma?


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