TSC- How to access medical services in the Teachers’ Medical Scheme

How to access medical services in the Teachers’ Medical Scheme

To access medical services, visit any medical facility in the panel and identify yourself as a teacher or a dependent of a teacher. To find the comprehensive list of accredited medical facilities near you, simply dial *202*06#


 Direct facilities

These are hospitals that members can access directly without the need for a referral letter.

 Referral facilities

These are hospitals that offer medical services for cases that require specialized treatment. Referral letters from direct facilities (see above) are required to access services in these facilities.

*Kindly note you do not need a card to access medical services. Simply

Dial *202*06#

Choose the hospital type you are looking for;

Outpatient / Inpatient / Optical

/ Dental / Maternity

Enter County Name

Choose option 1: Find hospital

Choose Hospital type;

Direct or Referral

 Biometric Registration is carried out at the hospital following the steps below: 

Step 2: Identify yourself or your dependant with the TSC number.

Step 3: The hospital will generate an SMS that contains the One Time Password (OTP), sent to the principal member’s registered mobile number.

Step 4: You will present this OTP to the service provider representative.

present the TSC number to the empaneled service providers. Kindly Note

  • Biometricregistration for both the principal member and the dependant(s)

NB: Children under 7 years of age will be registered under either the



Hotline: 1528

Telephone: 0730 604 000

Email: [email protected]

Receive information

is only done for the first hospital visit.

  • Forsubsequent visits members will only be required to verify against the already registered
  • Biometric registration for children below 7 years will be undertaken by the parents/guardans.

parent or an appointed guardian

This Biometric registration is only done the first time one tries to access services. This process is not required for subsequent visits.

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