TSC latest news on hiring of new teachers, transfers 2023

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has come up with a number of decisions in management of teachers in 2023.

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See the new decisions below:

1.The Process to hire 30,000 teachers will kick off in the first week of January with an advert being placed in the local dailies and the tsc portal!!All applicants who will apply will be shortlisted after a fortnight and subjected to a fresh interview!!

2 .A half of 96,234 delocalised primary teachers will report back to their current stations in January to collect their transfer letters back to their home subcounties(first lot,,second lot will reroute before midterm 1)

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3. Teachers working in Mandera,Garisa and Wajir will not be part of the rerouting programme since this areas have fewer local teachers,,special allowance for them to be unveiled.

4. Acting administrators to report back in January with letters confirming them to those positions however not in the same station

5.  Number of primary school teachers to be deployed to secondary to secondary slashed to 4000 from 8000 after it became apparent that grade 7 and 8 would be domiciled in primary according to preliminary report that has already leaked to the public.

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