Most marketable TSC teaching subject combinations.
Most marketable TSC teaching subject combinations.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, employs teachers in all public basic learning institutions. It is the responsibility of the Commission to identify staffing gaps in all public primary and secondary schools. Some teaching subjects attract more students than others , at universities and colleges.

Consequently, a lesser number of graduates is churned out for these subjects; that have low uptake at universities and colleges. This has caused unprecedented ramifications in schools as TSC can not get applicants for advertised posts in the subjects.


The scenario prompted TSC to urge universities to encourage students to take up courses in the under staffed subjects. According to TSC, the subjects lacking enough personnel include: Drawing & Design, Home Science, Art & Design, Agriculture, Physical Education, Music and Computer Studies.

“These subjects are lacking the required number of teachers who will be able to adequately provide the correct curriculum based establishment in Secondary Schools,” reads a memo (in part) dated 19th October 2018 and written by the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer to all universities and colleges offering teacher training.

The said subjects attract the least numbers of candidates in KCSE and are of then referred to as ‘the small subjects’ by the Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC. Some graduates from Universities offering Education degrees with Information Technology, IT, like (Maseno University) have been rejected by the TSC for not taking Micro teaching and Teaching practice units in Computer studies.

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But, it is important for you to check the TSC minimum requirements before undertaking given subjects. It will be needless for you to train in a given subjects’ combination only for TSC to reject your registration request for not meeting the minimum requirements.

For instance, you must have scored a C+ and above in your teaching subjects. See more details here.

Read this article to increase your chances of getting employed by TSC. Here is the link; How to easily get employed by TSC.

You need also to familiarize yourself with the latest TSC recruitment guidelines and marking schemes.

Once again, here is the list of most marketable teaching subjects:

  • Drawing & Design,
  • Home Science,
  • Art & Design,
  • Agriculture,
  • Physical Education,
  • Music
  • Computer Studies.
  • Biology / Agriculture
  • Physics/ Maths

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  1. Dear TSC
    The small subjects have got graduate teacher applicants ,eg kis/ PE, math/ PE geo/ PE I am one of them. Kindly list them soon in the secondary teacher slots so that we can help students. Thankyou


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