TSC online portal; https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/
TSC online portal; https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, teachers online portal (https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/) enables you to access a number of TSC online services. The portal enables you to register for a TSC certificate.

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Equally, you can check for the progress of your TSC registration status and apply for a duplicate Certificate of Registration.

See the step by step guide on How to apply for the advertised TSC new and replacement vacancies at TSC online portal (https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/app/login)

You can also see TSC adverts on recruitment and promotions. See also; TSC online services and portals.

Here is a full list of the services available on the TSC teachers online portal and detailed guides on how to access them:


Remember to get all TSC news here; TSC News Portal.

Search for free education materials, here:


  1. Khonde Joel Gona

    Hi! if i try to login on the tsc online portal i see invalid tsc no or ID no what is the remedy for this please help.

  2. Just want to know if there is internship recruitment

  3. Good tsc has promoted teachers at long last.let the cha kick off now.its good for teachers.God bless t.s.c for remembering its workers.God bless teachers service commission.

  4. t.s.c thanks for the schemes of work and lesson notes for teachers


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