TSC online portal; https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/
TSC online portal; https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, teachers online portal (https://teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/) enables you to access a number of TSC online services. The portal enables you to register for a TSC certificate.

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Equally, you can check for the progress of your TSC registration status and apply for a duplicate Certificate of Registration.

See the step by step guide on How to apply for the advertised TSC new and replacement vacancies at TSC online portal (https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/app/login)

You can also see TSC adverts on recruitment and promotions. See also; TSC online services and portals.

Here is a full list of the services available on the TSC teachers online portal and detailed guides on how to access them:


Remember to get all TSC news here; TSC News Portal.

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  1. Hi! if i try to login on the tsc online portal i see invalid tsc no or ID no what is the remedy for this please help.

  2. Good tsc has promoted teachers at long last.let the cha kick off now.its good for teachers.God bless t.s.c for remembering its workers.God bless teachers service commission.

  3. I did primary education famously known as P1. I registered with tsc using that certificate. Later I enrolled for a degree course at the University,B.ed arts, English and literature and graduated in 2017. Now am asking,I want to be employed in secondary because I had a meangrade of c+ and B- in my subjects of specialization.Is that possible now that I registered as a teacher using my P1 certificate? Please help.Thanks

  4. Good morning I just wanted to know about my interview outcome I did an interview last year 8/12/2020 for a promotion as an head teacher at Wareng High school and upto now I had no feedback please assist

  5. Hi am a registered tr. joined tsc in 2008 i did a degree course B-ed arts primary option in 2011 graduated in 2014. Are there hopes for recognition and promotion soon?

  6. I’m Sharon Chepkirui, I apply tsc number on 2018 November and I successfully registered and have tsc number but I have not received hard copy. My question is, how can I go about it ? Please assist .

  7. Hi TSC
    Kindly update of profile is not going through.Teccnical challenges experienced. Its already 3am and the online services aren’t going functioning. Selection of fields aren’t displaying

  8. Concerning the latest update of teachers details I request the commission to extend the date so that we get into the update system all, some of us got the information latest and the internate was not good so we could not access our on line update.

  9. I did the p1 certificate the yr 2015-2017,,but again in my secondary education I managed to score a mean grade of c+ with B plain in business and geog,,,,but D plain in math,,now my question is am I qualified to go for bachelor of education in secondary option,,,geog business combination provided that I have D plain in math

  10. I am kindly applying for a perterrnity leave as from 6th January this year. I have a notification letter to witness my testimony.
    I will be very thankful if you consider my application.
    Thanks in advance
    Your’s faithfully
    Richard c Sang
    Tce no. 430326
    Tel. 0720342123/0758379614.

  11. I have been applying for TSC number for the last two weeks but the portal is not working… when I make payments am told that the organization receiving the payment is currently unavailable…kindly check on the site? respond to me via 0799762537/[email protected]

  12. I did p1 in 2008 I do request TSC to consider year of graduation and age as they give out score sheet.


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