At least 14,000 teacher vacancies for elementary and secondary school teachers have been advertised by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

In order to promote the policy of 100% primary to secondary school transition and to solve current shortages, TSC plans to hire 5,000 teachers.

Out of the total openings, 3,872 are for secondary school teachers, 28 are for Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs), and 1,000 are for primary school tutors.

How to Apply for TSC’s Postulated Positions
Candidates can only apply to three schools, it should be emphasized. To apply for the positions online, follow these instructions:

The TSC website can be accessed via

In addition,  TSC has published 8,230 openings to fill the 6,539 primary school roles and 1,691 secondary school positions left vacant by natural attrition in the teaching profession.

All the  candidates applying must be a Kenyan with at least a diploma in education and be registered as a teacher with TSC in order to be considered for employment as a secondary teacher.

All the Primary school teachers need a P1 certificate, whilst candidates for TTCs must be Kenyans with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Education and be registered with TSC.

The TSC states that the hiring regulations for the fiscal year 2022/2023 will be in effect.

N/B TSC website will also post the list of shortlisted candidates, interview dates, and locations by July 15.

All Candidates who shall be  shortlisted must exhibit their authentic academic and professional credentials.

All the successful applicants should simply submit one employment application form.


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