T-pay Payslips online 1
T-pay Payslips online. The Login window. Find answers to frequently asked questions on payslips, here.

TSC PAYSLIP ONLINE- Are you looking for a complete guide on how to create your TSC Payslips Account, Login and download your Payslips? Well. Worry no more. Here, we have provided you with a complete guide on how to use the new TSC Payslips Portal; https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/.


The Teachers Service Commision (TSC) T-Pay Portal is a platform where teachers can access their payslips and P9 forms online. The portal also helps teachers to send their payslips to third parties like teachers’ unions, Banks, Saccos and Insurance Companies.

To use the portal you must first be registered. Registration is no longer done online. Therefore, once you are employed by TSC, visit the local TSC County office. Remember to carry your National ID Card. Once at this office, the TSC staff will register you online and they will give you a password that you will use to access the T-Pay Portal.

Once you have this password, then, you are good to go. Proceed as follows;


  • First, visit the TSC Payslips Portal by using the link address; https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/. You will see the login window shown below;

T-pay Payslips online 1

    T-pay Payslips online. The Login window.
  • next, enter your User Name (TSC/ National ID Number) and Password. Click ‘Login’ as shown in the image above. In case you forget your password, you have no reasons to be worried. Simply click on the ‘Reset Password’ tab as in above. For a guide on how to easily rest your password, click here; How to easily reset your T-Pay Password online.
  • Once you click on ‘Login’ you will be redirected to your account dashboard as shown below;
T-pay Payslips online 2
T-pay Payslips online. Your account home page.
  • The Home page contains the T-pay menu items and your personal details (See image above). By this, you would have successfully logged into your payslips account.


The Commission requires that you update your personal details on the T-Pay Account. Details to be updated include:

  • Your photo; Ensure your photo fits into the frame and is clearly visible before clicking the “Save Picture” button! Click “Choose File” to change photo incase the pre-loaded one does meet the said requirements.
  • Your phone number; Ensure it is active. To update your phone number, enter it into the box (see image below), and click ‘save number’ a validation code will automatically be sent to your number. Enter this code in the phone number validation code box and click ‘Validate Phone No.’
  • Your Email address; It should also be active. To update your Email, enter it into the box ‘Enter Email address’ (see image below), and click ‘save Email’ a validation code will automatically be sent to your Email Inbox. Locate and enter this code in the Email validation code box and click ‘Validate Email’.
T-pay Payslips online 3
T-pay Payslips online. Updating your details.

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Your T-pay portal account has a number of items (See image below). These include:

  • View Payslips: Click on this tab to see your payslips. You can search for all previous years’ payslips here. Simply select the year and month.
  •  View P9(s): Use this submenu to view all your P9s that are used for filing KRA returns online.
  • Send Payslip(s): This menu is used to send payslips for third party deductions. Third parties approved by TSC include: Banks, Hire Purchase, Insurance, Micro Finance, Sacco and SWAs (Teachers’ Unions, Welfares, BBFs and others).
  • Transactions: See your running third party deductions and approve any pending ones, here.
  •  My Documents: A list of all personal soft copy files as maintained by TSC.
  •  Logout: Click here to exit from your account. Always remember to click this button once you are done with using your account; more so if the computer or phone used is accessible by other people (a public electronic gadget). Many teachers have had their salaries slashed to third parties that they did not sanction. Ensure your passwords are also private and confidential.
T-pay Payslips online. The T-pay menu.
T-pay Payslips online. The T-pay menu.



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