The new TSC payslip login window at
The new TSC payslip login window at Get all TSC news in this site.


Your TSC Payslip for this month has now been posted online. You can log into your T-Pay account to view and download your payslip. Enter your TSC or ID number as the user name and your password in order to log in and view your payslip.

If you have forgotten your password, then click on the ‘reset password’ to generate a new password.


Log in below to view your payslip for this month.

How to view your payslip online

Once you successfully log into your account, check the list of items on the left of your screen and you will be able to get a Quick Access to;

  1. Menu
  2. Latest Payslip
  3. Latest P9
  4. My Transactions

To view your payslip for this month, click on ‘Latest Payslip’ and you will be able to see your latest payslip on the screen. Take a screenshot or simply click on the ‘print’ tab to get a hard copy of your payslip.

  • To view other payslips, select on the months tabs at the top of your page i.e


  1. Kindly ommit me from swa s KNUT deduction s.Am not a member.I never registered as a member.Regards.

  2. My condolences to the entire family and all TSC staff

  3. Michael Otieno Agwanda

    Who will save me from Credit Africa, Credit Traders and Amedo who have been in my payslip since 2007. And yet the deductions are set to end in 2028! I’ve tried all l can to stop this but all in vain. Can someone now speak tall.

  4. Mukhwana p.wamalwa

    Kindly remove me from knut deductions… didn’t apply hence am not a member.

  5. Havwi Patricia Mandu

    I am a p1 teacher at Butere bearing TSC no.693294.i reported on 10th September last year.Upto now I still receive my intern salary kindly adjust

    • I was employed 2019 january and am still in B5 and i was to move to C1.what could be the problem.661517

  6. Bird's-eye view

    These complaints are made & ever forwarded for action & not for archive. This year we want to see corresponding reply & necessary action taken. Silence can be equated to negligence of duty.

  7. Sungu veronica muhavi

    Please adjust my salary after promoting me to adepts headteacher

  8. How can we get our earliest payslips online;as early as 1986?

    • I am terribly in need of 1994 payslip.
      How can I get one?

  9. Eunice Hadulu komora

    Have been a teacher since 1995 September. Took a diploma in SNE in 2014 also TPC on the same year. To date am at grade c1 after working for over 20 years. I would be grateful if you progressed me have few before retire. Eunice Hadulu komora. Worried teacher.

    • Please send me your details including your payslip,,i work with Platinum Credit Ltd or contact me on 0718415479

  10. Stephen kinyanjui

    Remove us from knut we are not members

  11. Lilian Nanjala Makana

    Remove me from swas KNUT deduction l didn’t apply and l don’t want it.

  12. Zipporah sindani

    Remove me from swas, I just found myself a member without my knowledge. Am totally not willing.

  13. Real chebet keino

    I cannot verify my email in the profile because the respond say that my phone number is invalid yet it’s my telephone number.

  14. How can a p1 teacher pay 10,000000.million .is Tsc realistic .you have other loans to pay.THATS KILLING A GENERATION .MY GOD SEE U.

  15. Sammy kipkemboi musama

    Kindly since may last year my salary have being deducted an amount of 7000 and indicates court attachment and ihave never been in court and I was not served with any letter explaining,with a total amount ofkshs1000000mplease help me am dying

  16. Sammy kipkemboi musama

    Please my people help me am losing my family what can I do


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