The latest news on TSC promotions.
The latest news on TSC promotions, appointments and deployments of teachers.

If you are a teacher working with the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, you should then know that promotions of teachers is meant to motivate them. The Commission usually advertises available promotion vacancies for which teachers who meet the set criteria apply.


When promoting a teacher, the Commission considers the following:

(a) merit and ability as reflected in the teacher’s work, performance and results;
(b) seniority and experience as set out in the scheme of service;
(c) existence of a vacancy and
(d) academic and professional qualification of the teacher.

You must take the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development, TPAD, seriously. This is because the Commission shall in promoting a teacher, consider the appraisal reports submitted in accordance with regulation.

A teacher re-employed by the Commission shall complete at least three years of continuous service before the teacher is considered for promotion.

See also;

The Commission shall conduct competitive promotion through interviews and the teacher professional development programmes.

A teacher may be promoted under competitive terms by:

(a) making an Application online.
(b) successfully completing the Teacher Proficiency Course or promotional interview administered by the Commission for that purpose.

The Commission may refuse to consider a teacher for promotion if the teacher has not completed:

(a) two years from the date the teacher was found guilty following a disciplinary action; or
(b) one year from the date the teacher was issued with an administrative warning:

Once promoted, it is necessary to take up the offer without hesitation. This is because, an offer for promotion lapses if not taken within thirty days, except for teachers on paid study leave or on secondment.

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  1. Do TSC really care it’s members!! Teachers are suffering terribly,even after going back to class for further studies,TSC is adamant on promoting teachers.Who will ever give a listening ear to thousands of teachers languishing in dire poverty, while our bosses are big bellied, arrogant,inhuman,merciless and uncaring!! God help the teachers.

  2. TSC, teachers went back to school so that they can advance in their career. Being one of them, kindly purpose to promote us so that we can get motivated.
    This stagnation has really affected us, the victims.

    • I wish the commission makes perusal of files to justify the teachers in need of promotion as adverts are use less and shortlisting is skewed. Files are the best to identify staff advancement and merit. My take


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