Fellow Kenyans, I write to you seeking your indulgence in a matter that can unlock the stalemate between teachers and the TSC.

As you are all aware, promotion of teachers with higher qualifications has of late brewed tension not only between the TSC and the teachers but also between teachers on one side and both the TSC and the teachers’ trade unions on the other side of the divide.

The trade unions, especially KNUT, have faced a lot of anger from teachers whenever any engagement they have with the teachers’ employer run into headwinds. The kind of emotional outbursts directed at TSC whenever such meetings, to consider promoting teachers with higher qualifications, come a cropper is always palpable. The affected teachers are hurting. Their colleagues are bitter. These strong emotions are not conducive for dispensing knowledge, skills and good attitudes to the innocent learners.

My fellow country men and women, it is against this backdrop that I appeal to you that we combine our efforts to have the issue of promotions sorted out once and for all before it snowballs into a crisis in the education sector.

Fellow Kenyans, let us write open letters to the President. Yes, the President of the Republic of Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Every teacher. Every Kenyan who appreciates the role played by teachers in national development. Let us all write to His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta requesting him to intervene in the case of these teachers who are being treated as though furthering ones education is a crime in this great nation, Kenya.

The cynics will pour cold water on this attempt by flashing the independence of the TSC on our faces. Let us ignore them and write to the President. His goodwill can unlock the stalemate and wipe off tears of sorrow from the sad faces of the teachers who furthered their education to offer better services to our great nation.

I appeal to you. Use WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or any available platform to seek the President’s attention on the matter.

With a concerted effort, our listening President will surely put his mind to this issue.

Thank you all.



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