TSC staffing officers.
TSC staffing officers.

The TSC staffing division performs a key role in developing teachers’ staffing norms. The division also identifies and addresses staffing gaps. The staffing division, located at the TSC head office in Nairobi, is headed by the TSC Director (Staffing Division).

The current Director in charge of staffing is Rita Wahome.

Responsibilities of the TSC Director (Staffing)

The TSC Staffing Director performs the following key responsibilities:

  1. Providing guidance in the development of the Directorates budget to drive its objectives;
  2. Overseeing the development of timely and quality work plans for staff in the staffing Directorate, derived from the Commissions’ strategy, to ensure effective delivery of service.
  3. Development of linkages to ensure that promotion of teachers is linked to their performance;
  4. Analyzing and reviewing the strategic objectives of Staffing directorate;
  5. Providing leadership in the development of budgets for the division and ensure sufficient allocation of resources required for the implementation of the directorates strategy;
  6. Participating in the formulation and implementation of the Commissions policies and procedures that provide guidelines in the directorates operations, to assist in the delivery of quality service and support compliance with the relevant policies;
  7. Coordinating the development of procurement plans for the directorate and liasing with the procurement unit to ensure goods and services are procured as per the plan;
  8. Monitoring the implementation of contracts for goods or services relating to the directorate;
  9. Supervising Regional and County Directors and appraising the performance of Regional Directors;
  10. Ensuring efficiency in the utilization of funds to enhance implementation of the Directorates Strategic Objectives;
  11. Preparing reports on various activities of the directorate on quarterly basis or as required;
  12. Ensuring compliance with TSC regulations and policies to enhance teacher discipline, in order for the Commission to earn the trust of stakeholders, on the ability of TSC to deliver on teacher management.
  13. Offering leadership in the development of policies on Recruitment and deployment of teachers, to ensure equitable distribution and optimum utilization of teachers in learning institutions.
  14. Liaising with Director of Quality Assurance and Standards Directorate to enforce teacher’s compliance with continuous professional development of teachers in line with best practice and set standards, to ensure teachers are equipped with the required competencies necessary for the provision of quality teaching
  15. Liaising with the Director of Quality Assurance and Standards Directorate to establish a rich database of qualified teachers;
  16. Liaising with Director ICT to ensure continuous updating of TMIS for real time data for teachers in the employment of the Commission;
  17. Liaising with Director Field Services on discipline matters for teachers and Field Staff;
  18. Providing leadership in mentoring and coaching of directorate staff to inspire and motivate staff.
  19. Advising the Commission on the demand and supply of teachers in order to maintain optimal staffing levels in all learning institutions;
  20. Advising the Commission Secretary on training needs for staff in the directorate;
  21. Advising on staff requirements of the directorate;
  22. Liaising with Human Resource Management to ensure proper implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreements;
  23. Evaluating performance appraisal of the staff in the Directorate to ensure competency and training gaps are addressed.

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