TSC – Teachers to handle Humanities Subjects at Junior Secondary School and their qualifications


Teachers trained and qualified to teach Humanities will be called upon teach the learning areas shown in Table 1 below

Table 5: Learning Areas for Teachers Trained for Humanities (History, Geography and Religious Studies)


S/No: Learning Areas Remarks No. of Lessons per Week
1. Social Studies (Citizenship, Geography

& History)

compulsory 3
2. English/Kiswahili/KSL compulsory 5
3. Religious Education (CRE/IRE/HRE) compulsory 2
4. Health Education compulsory 2
5. Life Skills Education compulsory 1
6. Physical Education and Sports compulsory 2
7. Indigenous Language compulsory 3
8. Visual Arts/Performing Arts compulsory 3
  Total   21


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