TSC TPAD 2 Lesson attendance data for teachers; Procedure

Lesson attendance records for all teachers must be updated regularly on the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, TPAD 2 system (http://tpad2.tsc.go.ke/). It is the responsibility of the Deputy Head of the institution to keep track of the lesson attendance records.

Importance of the lesson attendance by Teachers

The Code of Conduct and ethics section 12 (2) provides that a teacher shall observe official working hours, be punctual and meet deadlines.

The Lesson attendance records form part of the evidence for the part B of the appraisal standards; Teacher Conduct and Professionalism which measures a teacher’s attributes,
behaviour, performance and adherence to the set regulations governing the teaching

Lesson attendance will simply show if a teacher is adhering to the set time table and that he attends all lessons allocated therein and also observe punctuality.

The lesson attendance is a summary of the updated and analysed Teacher Lesson Attendance Register that is captured by the class representative showing what time a teacher came to class and the time he left.

The Lesson attendance register is submitted to the Deputy Headteacher at the end of each day.

The deputy is required to undertake lesson attendance analysis for each teacher in every subject weekly.

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How to capture teachers’ lesson attendance into the TPAD 2 system

The Deputy Head of institution, DHoI, is the only person with rights to enter the data on lesson attendance for all the teacher in the institution.

As indicated earlier he is the one in charge of analyzing the Lesson Attendance Records (LAR) for all the teachers, he will input the weekly summary for every teacher.

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To update lesson attendance records;

  1. The DHOI will log into his portal, go on the dashboard menu click on Appraiser appraisal.
  2. A drop down menu with pending appraisals, schedule meetings, weekly attendance appears, click on Weekly attendance.
  3. The portal on weekly attendance will be displayed. Click on +add attendance.
  4. A pop up window is displayed, select the name of the teacher by clicking on the downward arrow.
  5. In the next step click on the week ending, a calendar will appear and you can choose the week you are capturing, you can also select a different month.
  6. The DHOI can then input ;
  • The lesson to be taught – which are the number of lessons allocated to a teacher as per the school time table.
  • No of lesson taught – the lessons a teacher has been able to attend and teach.
  • No of Lesson recovered – in the event a teacher fails to attend a lesson, he/she is required to make arrangements to recover the lesson, once it recovered it should be recorded as taught.
  • Attendance remark- brief remarks about the teacher’s lesson attendance that week, use the save button to ensure the information is captured in the system.

7. The system will then display the message below click on ‘ok’. Repeat the process to capture all the weeks for each individual teacher and ensure you capture details for all the teachers in the school.

8. The teachers captured will appear on the interface. The filter search button: enables the DHOI to search for teachers who attended lessons in a particular week.

9. Click on the down arrows to choose the year, then choose the term, and click on the calendar on week ending and choose the week you want to search. Click on search.

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10. The next interface displays the number of records found for that week and on the table it gives details of all the teachers for only that week.

How to check your lesson attendance data on the TSC TPAD 2 PORTAL

You can easily access your lesson attendance data on the TPAD 2 portal. This is how to go about it;

  • You will need to log into your TPAD 2 account.
  • Then, go to the Dashboard, click self appraisal and self-assessment.
  • Self assessment interface will then be displayed, click on proceed to appraisal on the action tab.
  • Click on view attendance on the assessment area No.3 lesson attendance.
  • Your lesson attendance records are displayed as shown on the table.
  • Finally, you can then go back to appraisal and continue with the process or exit.

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