How to get transferred by TSC.
How to get transferred by TSC. Read full details in this site under the TSC tab.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, can transfer you from one station to another. The transfer can be effected either upon request by a teacher or can be initiated by TSC.

In case the transfer is initiated by TSC, you will be eligible for the TSC transfer allowance. See details on how to fill the form here.

The transfer allowance is an allowance that is meant to cushion teachers as they settle down in their new stations. It is paid to a teacher transferred outside their sub-counties.

The transfer allowance is equivalent to one month’s basic salary of the teacher.

When a teacher wishes to be transferred, he/ she must fill the TSC transfer form. This form can be downloaded here.

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The Teachers service Commission, TSC, may transfer a teacher from one teaching station institution to another based on:

  1. the need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers
  2. availability of a teaching vacancy in the proposed station.
  3. the need for replacement
  4. existing staffing norms which may be reviewed from time to time
  5. medical grounds, as certified by a registered medical practitioner
  6. any other grounds that the TSC may consider necessary to warrant the transfer.

When and How can a teacher get transferred by TSC

A teacher may be transferred under the following circumstances:

  • After a study leave: A teacher granted a study leave exceeding six months shall apply for posting by the Commission at least thirty days before the expiry of the study leave.
  • After a leave granted to spouses of persons in diplomatic service: A spouse of a person in diplomatic mission/ service shall apply to the commission for posting one month before the end of assignment of duty.
  • After a disciplinary action like interdiction or suspension for a period not exceeding six months without payment of salaries and allowances.
  • After a transfer of service to the public service commission: The TSC may, Where a person applies for a transfer of service from the public commission to the TSC, approve the transfer subject to availability of a vacancy.
  • After expiry of tenure at a trade union like the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT, and Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers, KUPPET.
  • After a substantive appointment: A teacher who is promoted and substantive appointed will be redeployed/ transferred to another station, subject to availability of such substantive posts like: Headship, Deputy Headship and Senior masters.
  • After posting from a primary to a secondary institution.
  • After applying to the commission for a transfer on medical grounds, with supportive evidence.
  • When working conditions are hostile and may jeopardize the teacher’s well being and security.
  • If there is need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers.
  • On an agreeable and tenable swoop request to the TSC.


  1. Lilian Musau Okemwa

    TSC is exploiting teachers if it is true that transfer with promotion from one county to another county in Kenya does not qualify a teacher to get transfer allowance. I was transferred with promotion from one county to another starting 1st September 2020. The transfer was initiated by TSC. Another letter for promotion latter came indicating my promotion begun 12th November 2020. On inquiry about my transfer allowance, I was told I do not qualify since my transfer was with promotion. So September and October I was doing “donkey work, no payment as a Principal and no transfer allowance because I was promoted”. This is very terrible exploitation if TSC works like that.

  2. I have requested for a transfer to join my family whose security is a concern since they are far from me,but since it has not been still waiting.

  3. How long does tsc take to transfer a teacher based on medical ground


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