CBC Upper Primary (Grade 6, 7) Curriculum Designs KICD
CBC Upper Primary (Grade 6) Curriculum Designs KICD

Differences between 8-4-4 and CBC.

1.CBC emphasizes excellence and competitiveness while 8-4-4 empahizes on competition for examination grades..

2.CBC is more of knowledge and skills application through creativity, innovation and problem solving while 8-4-4 is more of content memorization and reproduction during examinations.

3.In CBC, a teacher facilitates learners to construct own knowledge and skills through exposure to challenging situations and experiences .While 8-4-4 a teacher is the main source of knowledge with learners being more of passive participants.

4.CBC is flexible,responsive and supportive in embracing diverse learning needs and abilities.8-4-4 is more rigid in content, learning time and strategies.

5.CBC engages parents through empowerment and allow shared responsibility in all tiers and levels of basic education (that’s why there are assignments that has to be done by a parents together with the learners)in 8-4-4 there’s little parental engagement and support.

6.CBC aims at intergration of pertinent and contemporary issues and service learning that connects classroom to real life and self-reliance. 8-4-4 focuses more on cognitive development.

7.Cbc aims at striking a balance between formative and summative assessment while 8-4-4 has a primary focus on summative assessment.



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