What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that sends offers, discounts, and other services to customers on your email list. It is also used to update, shape society around your offers, and increase sales. However, modern email marketing is more focused on segmentation, personalization, and consent of the customers on your email list. Email marketing tries to share general business information, allows businesses to educate customers and personalize marketing emails for their audiences.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is the marketing process that a brand uses text messages to deliver updates, share campaigns, news, promotions, and reminders to their customers. A group of customers(subscribers) agrees to receive these text messages from your company. SMS marketing is suitable for all types of companies where small or large since it attains more goals in a shorter time.

Is Bulk SMS marketing better than Email marketing?

Immediate reach: With an open rate of 98% and a response rate of 40%. Bulk SMS gets delivered at a faster speed. Whereas email offers a response rate of 6% and the open rate on the other hand is 26%. SMS has an instant reach and connects with your target customer in the shortest time. Thus, developing an immediate connection with the customers is effortless using Bulk SMS marketing.

The engagement rate of SMS is higher than Email: Researches have been conducted and it has been proven that the engagement rate obtained via SMS marketing is far better than that provided by email. A large population of people owns a mobile phone on average 80% whereas only 40% get access to the internet connection. Use of Bulk SMS advertising helps to develop a personalized reach and stronger bond that is much easier to use than with the other marketing channels.

SMS helps to save time: Creating an SMS marketing campaign is not only an efficient way to reach out to a wide customer group but is also a time-saving tool for advertising a brand quickly and rapidly. Email marketing is time-consuming and requires proper skills and technical specialty to create relevant, interesting, and engaging content.

SMS is a spam-free communication tool: In email marketing, most of the emails land in the spam folder and therefore investing money, time, and effort in it is not a good choice since your recipients won’t see them or rather delete them. SMS on the other hand provides a guarantee that the messages will be delivered and read directly to the intended recipients. “ We recommend that your audience list are people who have subscribed to your list to void being flagged as spam,” Ruth Gachomo, founder of the leading Bulk SMS provider in Kenya, advises.

Cost-effective: Bulk SMS service is the most cost-effective way to share your messages to a large group of people even though the cost varies from one provider to the other. Email marketing on the other side costs vary dramatically depending on send frequency, list size, and other variants, therefore, making SMS marketing better.

In conclusion, bulk SMS marketing is better than email marketing as it serves as an efficient, reliable, and convenient marketing tool to communicate with a large number of customers within the shortest time. Due to its massive benefits like low costs, business owners are deploying SMS services to publicize their brand in a hassle-free manner.


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