Cooking gas cylinders.

You can now exchange your cooking gas cylinder with any of these 40 licensed companies

Suppliers and distributors of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have been allowed to exchange their cooking gas cylinders without limitations. The exemption will see consumers allowed to exchange their empty cooking gas cylinders with a different brand as long one is among the licensed distributors.

According to the latest Members of the association will also refill and resell cylinders among themselves.

“It is notified for general information that the Authority has granted an exemption with respect to exclusive dealing among the members of the Association for a period of five years,’’ the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) says.

“Sharing of all other forms of commercially sensitive information including pricing, margins, volumes, input costs, capacity in the market, any specific information about customers, current or future product development plans, and proprietary information including trade secrets, knowhow, technological innovation and other intellectual property will be prohibited,” CAK added.

Licensed brand owners who refuse to recognize for exchange other brands should immediately be reported to the Commission. The Commission has installed a hotline number (0708 444 000), operational during normal working hours, with a view of increasing its engagement with stakeholders to enhance enforcement and compliance activities.

Below are the gas cylinders that can be inter-charged;

1. Alfa Gas Limited Alfa Gas
2. Aspam Energy Kenya Limited Gulf Petrochem
3. BOC Kenya  Limited Handi Gas
4. Capital Gas Consumer Co-operative Society Limited Capital Gas
5. City Gas Limited City Gas
6. Depar Limited Gasky
7. Eco –Energy (EA) Limited P-Gas
8. Fast Gas Limited Fast Gas
9. Fossil Fuels Limited Pet Gas
10. Galana Oil Kenya Limited Delgas
11. Green Energy Limited G-Gas
12. Green Gas Company Limited Amaan Gas
13. Hashi Energy Limited Hashi gas
14. Hass Petroleum Kenya Limited Hass Gas
15. Hunkar Trading Co. Limited Hunkar Gas
16. Jamii Gas Limited Jamii Gas
17. KenolKobil Limited K-Gas
18. Kerry Gas Limited Kerry Gas
19. Lake Gas Limited Lake Gas
20. Libya Oil Kenya Limited Mpishi Gas
21. Megtraco Limited Kapri Gas
22. Midland Energy Limited Mid Gas
23. Moto Gas Company Limited Moto Gas
24. Multi Energy Limited Men Gas
25. National Oil Corporation of Kenya Supa Gas
26. Oilcom (K) Limited Oilcom Gas
27. Orange Energy Limited Orange Gas
28. Oryx Energies (K) Limited Oryx Gas
29. Safari Petroleum Limited Safari Gas
30. Safe Energy Limited Safe Gas
31. Salama Gas Limited Salama Gas
32. Solutions East Africa Limited Sea Gas
33. Spareman Trading Company Limited Home Gas
34. Syzo International Limited Future Gaz
35. Tex Trading Limited Tex Gas
36. Tosha Petroleum Kenya Limited Tosha Gas
37. Total Kenya Limited Total Gaz
38. Tuangaze Limited T- Gas
39. Venus Energy Venn Gas
40. Vivo Energy Kenya Limited Afri Gas
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