KUCCPS- 2019 Inter Institution Transfers now open.

The KUCCPS system has opened the inter-institutional transfer (IIT) applications from September  1st to 30th, 2021. This process is for students placed in universities and colleges in 2021 and would like to change their institutions.

Here is what you need to know about IIT

  1. Applications must be lodged online through the Student’s Portal (students.kuccps.net).
  2. For a transfer to be completed, it must be endorsed by both the university/college where the applicant has been placed and the university/college where the applicant wishes to transfer to.
  3. One must meet the applicable cut-off points and minimum requirements to apply.
  4. While applying, a student can retain the same course but change institution or change both course and institution.
  5. A processing fee of Ksh 1,000 will be charged and should be paid only after the system prompts you to pay. Payments must be done using the KUCCPS Paybill Number 820201. Beware of fraudsters.

Both applicants and institutions should note that:

  1. Both the receiving and releasing institutions will be given a maximum of one week/seven days to endorse the transfers due to time constraints.
  2. On expiry of the 7 days at the receiving institution, the transfer application auto-reverts to the applicant to initiate a fresh application.
  3. On expiry of the 7 days at the releasing institution, the transfer application auto-reverts to KUCCPS for administrative release.
  4. When a transfer application has been reverted to the student, the student will not be allowed to resend a request to the same institution for the same programme.
  5. The automated online transfer be restricted to the students placed in the 2021/2022 cycle. Those from the other cycles will be handled on a case-by-case manual transfer.
  6. The transfer code will expire after three days.


  • Log in to the Student’s Portal students.kuccps.net
  • Click on the “Transfers” menu on the dashboard once you have successfully logged in.
  • Click on the “Online Transfers“ icon
  • Enter the code of the programme that you wish to transfer to.
  • Attach the evidence and reason(s) for which you wish to seek the transfer
  • Once the reason and evidence for the transfer has been uploaded, make a payment of Kshs. 1,000 (one thousand) through MPESA Paybill Number 820201. The account number will be your KCSE year followed by the Index Number (e.g., 2020xxxxxxxxxxx).
  • Continue checking the progress of your application for transfer through the Student’s Portal.
  • If the receiving institution declines to endorse the application for transfer, the student will be notified through their portal and advised to try a different programme in either the same institution or a different one.
  • Once the request for transfer has been approved by KUCCPS, download and print the transfer letter and submit one copy to the institution you are transferring to so that they can issue the admission letter and other joining instructions.


  • The student (applicant) shall log in to their online portal and complete a transfer application form
  • Upon completion, the request shall be forwarded to the receiving institution for endorsement.
  • The receiving institution shall endorse the transfer applications received through their institution portal and submit. Endorsement shall be done by the Head of the institution or an officer delegated to endorse on behalf of the Head of the institution.
  • The receiving institution shall consider an application guided by the available capacity, minimum entry requirements and cut-off Points, and:
    a) If accepted, the application will be forwarded to the releasing institution for consideration and endorsement.
    b) If rejected, the rejected transfer request will revert to the applicant with comments from the receiving institution.
    c) The institution will have seven (7) days to endorse the transfer application, failure to which the application will revert to the applicant.
  • The Head of the current institution shall either accept or reject the request to clear the applicant for transfer taking into account any obligations owed to the institution by the applicant, and:
    a) If cleared, the request is forwarded to the Placement Service for review and final approval.
    b) If not cleared, the application reverts to the student with the reason provided for follow-up or appeal to the Placement Service.
  • The current institution shall have seven (7) days to endorse the transfer application,  failure to which the application shall revert back to KUCCPS for action.
  • Thereafter, the KUCCPS CEO shall review the application, and:
    a) If the application is approved, the inter-institution transfer letter will be generated automatically for download by the applicant and both the receiving and the releasing institutions through their respective portals.
    b) If the application is not approved, the applicant will receive a notification with the reason for rejection.
  • Thereafter, the applicant shall download the approved transfer letter and present it the receiving institution for admission and joining instructions.
  • An inter institution transfer shall only be valid after approval by KUCCPS.


  1. What about students who join kuccps but wish to be placed in a college given a course. I those who sat for kcse 2020


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