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How to make your assignments more appealing? It is a question that most people facing a deadline would usually ask. The answer to this is simple, get an appealing assignment, use cursed text for introduction, and present it in front of your professor or committee when due.

If you don’t have a way to present a nice and appealing assignment list, here are some ways to do so.

Tips for performing well in your assignments

·         Submit before due date

Posting the assignments online before the due date would be the first step to take. In your advisor’s office, you can post the assignments on the white board for all to see.

This will give your instructors an idea of your progress, which will allow them to assess if your assignment is still on track and can be given a priority. You might also want to include the assignment details in your email, so you can give an outline of the contents and ask for feedbacks.

·         Discuss your assignment with your group

If you are working with groups of students, try to have a “mentor only” meeting with each member of the group at least once a week. Just like the instructor, the other members of the group would also want to know if their assignments are due.

Here, they could share their thoughts and ideas about what they think would make a good assignment. It is also a great time to bond with your colleagues.

·         Mention solutions

The next thing you can do is to include a note on your assignment in the final assignment that would mention the possible solutions if anyone of the solutions suggested by the professor is not feasible. It is important to emphasize that this should be your last suggestion.

Do not leave the other members of the group confused if you leave it out of the final version. As a professor or tutor, I would not recommend giving tips on solving problems that may already be solved.

·         Use quick assignment making software

If you cannot afford to spend too much time on each assignment, there is always the option to use PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations have become one of the most effective ways in presenting information.

You can have a slide show of your assignments that would go in line with your research. It does not have to be long, just as long as you have enough content for it. This way, even the non-undergraduates will be able to see the presentation.

Online Text editor is a tool that can help you create quick notes especially when you are researching and this way, you will not forget the important points to include in your assignments.

·         Create an outline/index

How to make your assignments more attractive to your students is to make sure that you create a syllabus that outlines the content of each assignment and the corresponding tasks.

By doing this, you will be able to organize everything neatly and will be able to make sense of the different points that you are trying to explain. If you need additional help in organizing your syllabus, you can avail of the services of your university’s counseling center or the university office. They are quite knowledgeable when it comes to creating effective syllabuses.

·         Distribute tasks amongst group

Another tip on making your assignments more appealing is to assign more than one group of students to do the same assignment. You can assign one group to write the corresponding paragraphs while another group will have to proofread and edit the work. If there are any mistakes in your work, you will not be held accountable for it.

However, you might want to inform one of the other groups about the mistake so that they will have a chance to rectify it. As much as possible, let your juniors know that this task is theirs for the sake of improving their writing skills. Through this, you can let your juniors realize that their writing abilities are not the only important aspects of an assignment.

·         Remember to add some new information

Last but not the least, you need to emphasize more on the relevance of your assignment. If you want to make an assignment appear more appealing, you must bear in mind that it has to provide students the necessary information that they need in order to do well in the class.

For instance, if you are doing research on a particular topic, you should include facts from real life situations. By doing this, you will be able to entice your students to learn more about the topic.

If you do not include relevant information, your assignment will only serve as a piece of literature that they will toss aside right away. Thus, you need to consider all these aspects in order to learn how to make your assignments more attractive.

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