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Job Title : Civil Engineers – Internship – HR/INT/CIV/01/2023

Job Highlights

 Jan 11th, 2023 00:00 |  Jan 17th, 2023 23:59

Internship | Civil Engineers

Job Summary

Technical design, construction supervision, rehabilitation works, project & contract management, arbitration, building services and management

Job Description


  1. Design, construction, monitoring and commissioning of civil structure and infrastructure
  2. Repair and maintenance of dam, civil structures and roads
  3. Supervision of construction, installation and commissioning of dam, civil structures and access roads
  4. Schedule for test and calibration of civil equipment
  5. Contract management and administration
  6. Preparation of drilling site, waterline, well pads and cellar
  7. Ensure adherence to quality, occupational health and safety standards


  1. Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized institution and accredited by EBK

Additional Information

Minimum Education Level : Undergraduate
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