• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

How to prepare for your retirement – What you must do

Jul 15, 2024


The word “Retirement” sounds like a heart break to most Civil Servants. Many of us never want to leave the service because of the payments we received (salary) and positions we occupied.

Sincerely, like product with expiring date likewise, the day you received your retirement letter is like that day.

Do you take cognizant of that date? What are your preparation towards that date?

Don’t think it’s still far! Just like yesterday, some years ago when I received my appointment letter, I can’t believe that I’ve spent that number of years in service.

Many Directors retired empty handed while some Junior staff retired jubilating. Don’t be caught in the web, start preparation now.

15 Solid things to take note:

1. Make your calculations, know the day, month and year that you will retire. The compulsory retirement age for all grades in the Government Service is 60 years or 35 years of pensionable service whichever is earlier.

2. Ensure that your Pension Account is funded monthly. I can say it emphatically that most Federal Civil Servants never bother about this account until they retired. Be sincere to yourself, when last did you check your Pension Account balance. All you concentrated on is *Salary Account*. Check your Pension balance today and raise *alarm* if necessary. Blow the *whistle* if need be, don’t shy away. It’s your right to know!

3. Ensure that your *National Housing Fund* account is not dormant. Make enquiries, it’s been deducted at source monthly.

4. Engage in insurance package with a reputable Insurance company with as low as five thousands naira monthly and you will marvel what that will earn you at 50 or 60 years of age. Pension payment don’t come again till after one and half year, this can sustain you while patiently waiting for the *Nation’s go slow in computing pension benefits*

5. Join a good Co-operative society in your place of work and also avoid reckless borrowing for unnecessary things.

6. Don’t invest your savings on Ponzi scheme, it can ruin your retirement plans.

7. Set a realistic goal of every 5 years, 10 years etc of what you intend to achieve. Invest towards that goal.

8. Try to retire with a roof on your head. Get a plot of land and develop it gradually. Don’t put all your hope on your child(ren) as it may turn out to be story that touches the heart.

9. Start to acquire skills and knowledge on the business you will engage in whenever you retire. Don’t think of going back to village and stay idle as this may make you liable to unsolicited health challenge(s).

10. Don’t live above your income. Avoid extravagant lifestyle. Civil Servant’s salary is too meagre for such.

11. As much as you can, avoid cheating your subordinates because you are in power today. They may not know or talk, but their spirits will never stop cursing you and the family you are keeping the proceed of their labor for.

12. Remember, those subordinates of yours today are children of some parents. Do to others what you will like others to do to you.

13. Power and authority are very sweet use them wisely because you will surely become a visitor in the same office one day. I guess you will feel good if that common driver or clerk looks down on you when you visit the office after your retirement.

14. Keep all your documents intact. You will need them to claim your benefits.

15. Do not forget any of the 14 points mentioned above.

Fellow comrade, no time. Your expiring date counts daily. Start preparation now, not tomorrow.

Brilliant weekend !