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Kerongorori mixed School KCSE 2020 results analysis, grade count and ranking

Kerongorori mixed KCSE 2020/2021 RESULTS ANALYSIS (SCHOOL MEAN, INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES’ RESULTS AND MEAN GRADE SUMMARY)- Kerongorori mixed school has been posting impressive performances in KCSE over the years and 2020 is no exception. In the 2020 KCSE examinations the school posted a mean score of 7.536 which is a B- (minus).


Looking for KCSE 2020/2021 results for all schools and candidates? Visit this portal; KCSE RESULTS PORTAL.

The school registered a total of 233 candidates in the KCSE 2020 exam. In the just released KCSE 2020 results, the school posted an impressive mean score of 7.536 which is a B- (minus) . The good news is that 171 candidates managed to score above C+ (plus), which is the minimum university entry grade. This translates to a percentage of 73.39% securing direct entry to university under the placement body, KUCCPS.

Download KCSE 2020/2021 results for this school here; Official Knec KCSE Results Portal

Here is a complete distribution of grades for the school in KCSE 2020 results;

Grade Entry
A 0
A- 0
B+ 20
B 50
B- 59
C+ 42
C 39
C- 15
D+ 7
D 1

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