KNEC KCPE Examination Results 2022 | 2022/2023 – Ultimate Guide

KCPE Examination Results 2022 KNEC portal 2022/2023 | KCPE results FOR Academic year 2022/2023  are expected to be released anytime from now and will be officially announced by the Education Cabinet secretary.

In this article we will guide you through the steps to follow to check your results on the KNEC Website and via the mobile phone using the SMS Code 20076.

How to check KCPE 2022 results via SMS Code 20076- Simplified Guide

To receive your KCPE results as fast as possible, send an SMS to KNEC. This is the fastest and surest way of receiving your results. Follow the simple steps below;

  • Go to Messages in your phone.
  • Type the Knec SMS Code 20076 as the recipient. This should be entered in the box indicated ‘Type Name or Number’.
  • Next, compose a new message with your full index number (11digits) followed by KCPE; For example 12345678901KCPE. Do not use the random number given during the exam. But, use your normal index number.
    Once done, send your message.
  • After sending the message,wait for KNEC to respond with a message containing your results.
  • Some times the response from KNEC may take longer. Please do not be impatient,just wait for a few minutes.

Remember that the SMS will cost you about Kshs. 25 for Safaricom users. This also vary  depending on your network service provider. DO NOT send the message more than once as this will be so expensive. Also remember that the results will be only available once the Education Cabinet secretary has released them officially.

How to check for your KCPE results  Online on KNEC Website, Download result slips

School Heads are able to collect the results from the sub-county education offices for the candidates to finally collect them in the education centres. They can also access to the KCPE results onine via the KNEC’s portal link below

To access the online KCPE Results and Payslips, follow the following procedure:

  • Visit the official KNEC schools’ portal via this LINK
  • Insert the User Name and Password which you used during the KCPE 2022 registration.
  • Once inside the portal, you will see several boxes. First, under the box labelled ‘FROM INDEX’, input the index number of the first candidate and in the box labelled ‘TO INDEX NUMBER’ input the last candidate’s index number. Click on ‘VIEW REPORT’.
  • Wait for the result slips to load. When all the slips are loaded, click on the menu labelled ‘EXPORT’.
  • Select the format you would like to export the KCPE Result Slips e.g. ‘Word’ or ‘Pdf’ formats.
  • The KCPE Result slips will be downloaded to offline storage in your computer.
  • You can then print the downloaded result slips.


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