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It is a joy of every parent and KCPE 2023 graduate to get selected to a secondary school of his/ her choice. Different parents and students have special preferences for secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education carries out form one selection through a computerized and fair process. During the selection a number of factors are considered.

The first parameter used to place form one students is their performance at the KCPE examinations. Usually, students with over 400 marks are placed at the prestigious national schools.

The second factor that Ministry officials consider is available vacancies in secondary schools; commonly known as school capacity. Some schools are more preferred by KCPE graduates. For example, a school with a capacity of 200 form one students may receive over 10,000 applications. In this case, not all students who apply are placed in the school.

Another criteria used to place form one students is affirmative action. Students from hardships are given priority even if their marks are low. Such students join National schools with as low as 300 marks.

To ensure each sub county gets considered for form one places at the National schools, the ministry sets aside some slots that are shared equally by the Sub Counties. The top five candidates per sub county get places at their preferred National schools.

Selection to Extra County schools follows the same process; where merit at the KCPE exams plays a key role.

After selection, results are announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Education and students can receive them via SMS.

The students then proceed to download their admission letters and joining instructions online.

On the admission letters are important details like the reporting dates and school fees. Also available is uniform details and other school specific requirements. There are a number of form one scholarships. 


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