New TPAD account creation window.

How to create new TSC TPAD Account (https://tpad2.tsc.go.ke) for self Evaluation

The Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD 2) is a performance evaluation mechanism that assesses the performance of a teacher as per the set standards...
TPAD 2 login window.

TSC- Scheduling an Appraisal Rating Meeting online at the TPAD 2 portal

A TSC teacher is expected to schedule an appraisal rating meeting with the appraiser. This is done online at the TPAD 2 portal. Before...
TSC TPAD 2 lesson observation form online. See full guide here.

How to create a lesson observation request on TPAD 2; Lesson observation form

Did you know that it is mandatory for you to have a lesson observation on TSC TPAD 2 system, at least once in a...
A TSC TPAD 2 form showing a 100 percent processing status.

TSC- Why is my TPAD 2 appraisal form showing 99%; See possible causes

Are you wondering why your TSC TPAD 2 online form is showing 99% complete? Well. A number of reasons may make you unable to...
TPAD 2 account creation. Required information.

TSC TPAD 2 Lesson attendance data for teachers; Procedure

Lesson attendance records for all teachers must be updated regularly on the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, TPAD 2 system (http://tpad2.tsc.go.ke/). It is the responsibility...
TPAD2 dashboard.

TPAD 2 Portal Guide; How the Appraiser (Deputy Head) is to assess teachers

All TSC teachers in an institution are to be appraised on the new TPAD 2 system portal, by the Appraiser who in most cases...