Dr Nancy Macharia who is the TSC CEO. Will intern teachers be employed on permanent and pensionable terms, this year? That is is the big question in the minds of the teachers.

TSC English/Literature internship posts per school and county

Looking for the advertised TSC English/Literature internship posts per school and county? Get a list of all the English/Literature vacancies per Region, County and...
TSC Boss Dr. nancy Macharia. The Standard NewsPaper has apologized to the Commission over the erroneous feature on Teacher Interns' status.

TSC interview dates and venues 2021 for mass recruitment per County (Trans Nzoia)

Here is the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, interview dates, venues and recruitment schedule for teachers in July, 2021 in Trans Nzoia County. TRANS NZOIA COUNTY...
The latest TSC news on teacher transfers, promotions and recruitment.

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Career Guidelines For Curriculum Support Officers.

TSC Career Progression Guidelines for Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs)

TSC CAREER GUIDELINES (CPG) FOR CURRICULUM SUPPORT OFFICERS (CSOs) 1.0 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND These Career Progression Guidelines outline the academic and professional criteria for curriculum support...