A drunk individual. TSC has formulated guidelines on how to handle teachers affected by alcoholism and drug abuse
A drunk individual. TSC has formulated guidelines on how to handle teachers affected by alcoholism and drug abuse


Some Years Back I used to Teach With Another Guy in a private school in Eldoret.

When I joined the school the guy was doing fairly well having taught in there for 7 years. He had a family and was driving a Toyota E90.

One day he played Loto and Won Ksh 10M. Life Changed Overnight.

He didn’t report Following Day.

He Didn’t even Apply for His gratuity.

He just left.

Sold the Car he had and bought a better model.

He rented a house in kapsoya And Another In Umoja and married 2 of his girlfriends. He Now Had 3 Wives. Started a Pub And Employed One Of His Wives.

He started dating the madams we were teaching with. Each with her own Evening. Later Started Dating Other Ladies Who Worked In His Pub.

I later left when I got Tsc employment In Taita. Years later I learnt that He Ran Broke. Couldn’t Pay Rent. Disposed the car To Sustain His Business IN vain. He went into depression.

He today scavenges On the Streets Of Eldoret.

That is what big cash Can do to an Irresponsible Man.

Recently, I was home seated with my girls when a teacher Neighbor called and told me they were having a drinking spree at one of the teachers home and so they wanted me to join them.

I told him I don’t drink and I don’t smoke but he insisted their is enough nyama choma (roasted meat) and dancing. So I went.

When I got there I find some 6 Teachers whom I know and 8 Ladies.. All sorts of wine and bear was flowing. They had slaughtered a goat.

The guy who had invited me whispered to me that that Teacher had gotten a KCB loan of 1M.

He Was Going To Pay Dowry and so he had send his wife kwao (home) to go prepare for his team which was visiting in 3 Days Time .

The rest is a story for another day.

Within 1 week 1M was over. He Has sunk into depression.

I walk this county and I have been to every good club right from lodwar to Lamu.. Walk into clubs during end month and you will realize how teachers can be philanthropic when it comes to spoiling their colleagues.

By 5th Those Teachers are already cursing their principals for not paying remedial cash. They live 3 Days In A Month.

This month The Salary Came By 12th and By 18th Many Were Already Broke.

Meet these teachers when they are sobber And Humble and you will hear all manner of stories on how Tsc is a poor employer paying Them peanuts and that is why they have not been able To Make Much progress In their Life.

We have along list of teachers who are doing so well in the investment field and this is evidence that what TSC pays is more than enough For a teacher who has mastered cash flow Theory.

We have teachers doing Dairy farming. We have teachers in the import and export industry. We have Teachers In Real Estate.

You don’t sacrifice your financial dream on the alter of drunkness and immorality and expect to be at par with your Peers Who are making all sacrifices to feed their dreams.

How many Teachers are we teaching with that squandered bank loans and are now slowly sinking into depression?

How many Teachers are we teaching with that once sunk into good cash abandoned their families and went in for a new concubine whom they felt fitted into their new found status?

How many newly employed Teachers are coming around with all flairs of flamboyance because their salaries are still intact and unloaned. They spend lavishly on clothing and go partying every evening?

How many teachers are we teaching with that go disappearing for a whole week Immedietely their is white smoke in the banks and all that period they didn’t go home to see their families?

How teachers are we teaching with that go drinking themselves silly every Friday when Remedial cash is paid and on Monday they do not have fare to go to work?

Its sad a good number of Teachers wake up to go work for Kenya breweries and the Thigh industry and the only hope for tomorrow is their retirement cash.

Financial literacy And Change of Lifestyle is the starting point perhaps pia Watu washike pesa iwazoee so that they don’t get excited by bank loans.


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