My explainer on the Supreme Court Verdict:
1. The technology deployed by IEBC met the requirements for integrity, verifiability, security and transparency to guarantee accurate and verifiable results.

2. There was no interference with the uploading and transmission of form 34As from the polling stations to the IEBC public portal.

3. There was no difference in the forms 34As uploaded on the IEBC public portal and the forms 34As delivered at the National Tallying Centre and the forms 34 As issued to the agents at the polling station.

4. The postponement of gubernatorial, parliamentary and Ward elections in various parts of the country did not amount to voter suppression

5. There were unexplainable differences/discrepancies between votes cast for presidential candidates and those cast for other elective positions

6. The counting, tallying, verification and declaration of results was done in accordance with Article 138 of the Constitution

7. The President-Elect did not fail to meet 50%+1 threshold required by article 138 of the constitution.

8. There were no irregularities and illegalities to such a magnitude as to have affected the declared final results of the elections

9. Reliefs:

1. A declaration that the President Elect was Validly elected.

2. An order that the Parliament set up an inquiry into the working/dysfunction in IEBC

3. An order that Parliament set up a special inquiry into the allegations that NSAC attempted to influence the outcome of the election.


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