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Helb loans for university and College Students (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for a complete guide on helb loans? Here is a detailed guide on Helb loans. HOW TO CHECK HELB LOAN STATUS. SEE ALSO; HELB...
Helb beneficiaries getting assistance at HELB offices in Nairobi.

Helb urged to award loans to students in private technical colleges

The Ministry of Education has been asked to fast track the listing of private Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET, institutions to enable...
How to apply for HELB loan clearance, compliance certificate and refund; requirements and process

Complete information about the Higher Education Loans Board, Helb; Loan applications and repayments

REPAY LOAN HELB was established with the aim of not just recovering all matured loans, but to raise sufficient funds to meet the rising loan...

Helb undergraduate loans latest news: Amount awarded, disbursement and requirements: Full details

The Higher Education Loans Board, Helb, advances loans to students in Higher Learning institutions. These loans are given on yearly basis both to regular...
The Helb Student Portal

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