Africa International University Of Africa List of all Courses & Requirements (Latest, Updated)


  1. Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of Theology
  5. Master of Arts in Biblical Translation Studies
  6. Master of Arts in Christian Education
  7. Master of Arts in Church History
  8. Master of Arts in Mission Studies
  9. Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries
  10. Master of Divinity
  11. Master of Theology
  12. Bachelor of Education (ECD Option)
  13. Bachelor of Education (Primary Option)
  14. Bachelor of Education Secondary option
  15. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Financial Management
  16. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  17. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  18. Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  19. Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
  20. Master of Business Administration
  21. Master of Education
  22. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  23. Postgraduate Diploma in Theology
  24. Doctor of Ministry
  25. PhD in Education
  26. PhD in Inter-Religious Studies
  27. PhD in Theology Studies
  28. PhD in Translation Studies
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