Livescore results.
Livescore results.

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The Bundesliga is nearing its finals, which means that very soon football fans will find out the answers to the main questions of the season. Among them is distribution of places in the European competition zone. Schalke still claims to participate in the Europa League, although the Royal Blues are unlikely to bring the current season into their asset.

In the meantime, a few rounds before the finish, the team is in the middle of the standings. However, its density should also be taken into account, because it is enough for this club to secure a couple of victories to significantly improve its position. Thanks to today’s livescore available on the site of sports statistics, fans will be able to learn how the position of the team is changing in a convenient format.

At the final stage, any misfire can become decisive, therefore, if the Royal Blues really claim places in the Europa League, then in the remaining rounds they need to win. At the same time, the team has to rely on misfires of direct competitors. Truth to be told, the probability of such an event is very high, because many clubs spend the current season extremely unstable.

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Despite the fact that this season has caused a lot of disappointments to Schalke fans, there were certain bright moments that could help the club at the final segment of the tournament distance. For instance:

  1. Good teamwork and well-established interactions within the team.
  2. Individual skills of the main stars of the club.
  3. There are no problems with it either. As a result, the players of Schalke do their best in every game.

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In summer, the club from Gelsenkirchen needs a quality enhancement, because otherwise it is unlikely to compete against other clubs for places in the European competition zone. If it purchase at least 3-4 high-quality players, the situation might improve significantly. Without good transfers, Schalke risks slipping to the middle level of the German championship.


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