Answers to common Kuccps questions, concerns and clarifications

When will we be joining our various institutions?

This will depend on the institution one has been placed.Some will begin admission as early as end August,others September while others even next year.This means you’ll start receiving your admission letters after all the KUCCPS revision has been completed.

When will the KUCCPS portal be opened?

The KUCCPS portal is always open but the application has not yet started.They have not yet uploaded your cluster points so you cannot do anything till they do that.You will only find your results when you login.You will do the first revision once they upload your cluster points.Once the portal is open for application you will be notified.However,the cluster points will be updated this month in order for the application process to begin.

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How do I login to the KUCCPS portal?

KUCCPS have their own website.Once you enter the website you will just enter your KCSE index number in full(11 digits),KCSE year and password.Use your birth certificate number or KCPE index number(as used in KCSE exam registration) as your initial password.Click on login once done.

Does KUCCPS offer sponsorship to students?

No.KUCCPS does not offer sponsorship to students.Its role is to process and place students who will be sponsored by the government to various universities,colleges and technical institutions.The institution that offers loans directly to students is HELB.

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If I’m placed in a private university,will I still benefit from government’s sponsorship?

Yes.The government sponsors students in both private and public universities as long as they apply to those institutions through KUCCPS.

Which universities offer government sponsorship programmes?

Universities,colleges and tertiary institutions that you can apply for admission under government sponsorship programme are listed in the KUCCOS student portal page.

How do I know KUCCPS course subject requirement?

If you select a course in KUCCPS and start applying,it will show you the subject required to do that course and whether you qualify to do that course or not.

Can I apply for one course in KUCCPS revision?

During KUCCPS revision,you can apply for a maximum of six degree courses and four diploma and certificate courses of your choice.You will however be placed for one course.

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