Baraton University List of all Courses & Requirements (Latest, Updated)


  1. Bachelor of Arts in development Studies
  2. Bachelor of Arts in English
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counseling
  5. Bachelor of Arts in History
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Music
  8. Bachelor of Arts in Religion
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Theology
  10. Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  11. Bachelor of Business Administration (Management, Accounting)
  12. Bachelor of Business administration (Marketing)
  13. Bachelor of Business Administration in Office management
  14. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  15. Bachelor of Education & Psychology
  16. Bachelor of Education (Agriculture)
  17. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  18. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  19. Bachelor of Nursing
  20. Bachelor of Industrial Technology
  21. Bachelor of Science Electronics
  22. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  23. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agricultural Business)
  24. Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology
  25. Bachelor of Science in Biology
  26. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  27. Bachelor of Science in Clinical (Medical) Laboratory Science
  28. Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science
  29. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics
  30. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  31. Bachelor of Science in Networks and Communication Systems
  32. Bachelor of Science in Physics
  33. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  34. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  35. Bachelor of Science in Technology Education
  36. Bachelor of Science in Zoology
  37. Bachelor of Technology in Agriculture
  38. Master of Arts in English
  39. Master of Arts in French
  40. Master of Arts in Geography
  41. Master of Arts in History
  42. Master of Arts in Kiswahili
  43. Master of Arts in Music
  44. Master of Arts in Religion
  45. Master of Arts in Theology
  46. Master of Business Administration
  47. Master of Science in Agri-business
  48. Master of Science in Agriculture
  49. Master of Science in Biological Sciences
  50. Master of Science in Biology
  51. Master of Science in Chemistry
  52. Master of Science in Home Economics
  53. Master of Science in Mathematics
  54. Master of Science in Nursing
  55. Master of Science in Nursing
  56. Master of Science in Public Health
  57. Master of Science in Technology
  58. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  59. Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
  60. Doctor of Philosophy in Education
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