How to apply for Kuccps placement; Step by step guide

How to apply and revise Kuccps Courses; Step by step guide 2023/2024

How to apply and revise Kuccps Courses; Step by step guide

The application portal is now open.

Follow these steps to apply for a course and institution of your choice.

1. Visit the KUCCPS website and click Student’s Portal tab.

2. On the portal, click the Login tab.

3. To log in, enter your KCSE Index Number, your KCSE year and your password. (Your password is your KCPE index number OR your birth certificate number.)

4. Once logged in, view the available courses and their costs, Universities, TTCs, Polytechnics and other TVET colleges on the Programmes and Institutions tabs. When you find the courses of choice that you qualify for and can afford, you may add them to the Basket or note down their programme codes.

5. To apply, click the Application/Revision tab and key in the programme codes in the provided form in the order of priority. (If you enter a code for a course you don’t qualify for, the system will reject it and you will have to enter a code for another course. Repeat this until all codes are accepted).

6. Once the system has accepted all your programme codes, click Submit.

7. To complete your submission, follow the payment procedures that will appear on your screen.

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