• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

How to calculate Kuccps cluster points; Simplified formula

Jul 15, 2024


kuccps cluster points 2021

Applying the kuccps weighted cluster points formula – step by step

  1. Take the sum of points in the 4 subjects considered in whatever course you wish to take then divide by 48( maximum points in those 4 subjects)…
  2. Take your total points divide by 84, e.g 72/84….
  3. Multiply answer A by answer B then get the squareroot of the product…
  4. Multiply the squareroot you get in (C) above by 48, that gives the weighted cluster points.

or =[√ (r/R* t/T)]*48 Where r -sum of 4 cluster sbj R=48 t – your grade pts T=84

Note: The sign * means multiplication

Can I calculate my cluster weight?

The answer is simply NO!