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The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation was set up in 1966 with the sole objective of advancement of education and for the purposes of the relief of poverty.

JKF believe in the provision of customer-focused educational publications and scholarships.


The JKF scholarship programme, as the hallmark of JKF’s special and unique contribution to national goals and ideas, was started in 1968.

Below is the scholarship programme at a glance.
1). Number of Students who have benefite so far exceeds 11,000
2). Number of Students currently on board is 365.
3). Cost to JKF from inception of the Fund to date over Kshs. 500 Million
4). Budgeted expenditure for the current year is Kshs. 40 Million.

What is the JKF Scholarship Programme.

An Educational Fund set up by The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation to assist bright but needy secondary school students. The scholarship fund only supports students in public boarding secondary schools in Kenya.

How is the Scholarship funded?

The Scholarship is funded from revenue generated by The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation from the sale of books, partnerships and fundraising initiatives.

Who qualifies for the JKF Scholarsips:

• A Kenyan boy/girl – gender parity applies
• Excellent academic standing
• Good discipline
• Orphaned or a student from an extremely poor family
• Due to join Form One
• Must have sat KCPE in a public primary school and attained a minimum of 350 marks.

How does one apply?

• Advertisements for applications is made through the media and educational office country- wide.
• Applications are received in the month of December.
• Application forms are available from, county and sub-county education office
• Any pupil sitting KCPE is eligible to apply after the results are released.



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