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                  Hostel / Housing

Experience of living on-campus is a valuable developmental tool designed to enhance the mission of the College by helping students develop critical thinking and communication skills along with a heightened appreciation for diversity and service learning. All residential students are expected to actively participate in and support the programs and procedures employed by residential / accommodation staff to achieve that end.



  1. Students are responsible for the actions of their guests while the guests are on Campus. Guests are not allowed in students hostels and are subject to all rules of the Campus community as outlined in this Student’s
  2. The College Management has the mandate to remove a guest from Campus immediately for disruption of the community, infringement of rules and regulations, harassment of staff, or other safety or community

                  Stewardship of College Property

  1. Students are expected to exercise stewardship with regard to the College buildings and property. Damage, loss and theft of College property will carry punitive measures, including fines and other disciplinary actions as deemed
  2. The classrooms are to reflect the standards and seriousness of the studies undertaken at They are not to be used for meals or in other inappropriate ways.
  • Any damages or fines as a result of a guest’s behavior and may be referred for disciplinary action and the hosts may be held responsible for the

                  Residence Hall Damages

  1. Individual room damages

Damages to student rooms are the responsibility of the occupants. Students should inspect their rooms thoroughly upon moving in, noting any issues/ repairs that need to be made and inform the Hostel in-charge immediately.

ii.        Common area damages

Common area damages are charged to the student deemed to be responsible for the damage. In cases where responsibility for the damage cannot be determined, all residents of the damaged area will divide the cost of repairs evenly.

Please Note: Common area damage charges are assessed each month and added to students’ accounts as appropriate. Individual damage charges are assessed at the end of the academic year or when a student checks out of a room. Common area damage charges cannot be appealed. Individual damage charges can be appealed and must be done so within ten (10) days of the charges being placed on a student’s account. Appeals need to be addressed to the Principal of each respective Campus.


                  Lost Keys/Combo/Lock Changes

  1. When a room key is reported as lost, stolen, or duplicated, the lock will be changed with the student responsible for the loss being charged for the cost of the change, including the new keys or
  2. Keys, locks, and doors are essential components for the safety and security of students and their External and internal doors in all residence facilities should never be propped or tampered with. Safety and security is the responsibility of all students. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for further elaboration of the College policies regarding misuse of or tampering with keys and locks.
  • If a student requests a change in his or her combination lock, the student(s) will be billed for a combination Residents who are locked out of their rooms three or more times per year will be subject to disciplinary action. Students are strongly encouraged not to give out their combination or loan their keys to others, as this creates a potential security problem.

All hostel keys and ID cards are the sole property of the Kenya Medical Training College and may not be duplicated except by the College.

                  Work Orders

  1. Students who need to have repairs made in their individual bedroom, common room or other common space must notify their housekeeper as to the specific nature of the
  2. Students should never undertake repairs on their


                  Loss of Student Property

The College does not assume any liability for loss, damage, or injury resulting from theft, explosion, fire, mechanical failure of either gas or water lines, loss of electricity, defective wiring, or negligence of any occupant of the building. It is strongly urged that students purchase appropriate insurance policies to protect themselves from loss or damage to personal possessions.


  1. Assigned rooms may be occupied the day before the first day of classes for each Special arrangements for early arrival of any student must be approved in advance by the Principal.
  2. Living accommodations in the Hostels are not available during times when the College is not in
  • Students are expected to comply with all closing instructions that will be provided to them before each of the hall closings listed


Failure to comply with these instructions will be addressed through the College’s conduct system.



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