The list of the 11,008 science and mathematics teachers set to undergo training by the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA) has been released. The released lists feature the name of teacher, school, teaching subjects, county and sub county.

“The teachers to be enrolled for the 2020 online county INSET will be those teachers whose names the county submitted to CEMASTEA and were cleared for training,” reads a circular from CEMASTEA.

Email addresses (G-mail) should be submitted to CEMASTEA by June 25, 2020.


CEMASTEA intends to train 11,008 Science and Mathematics teachers on innovative teaching and learning approaches aimed at developing critical thinking and problem solving skills and use of ICT in teaching and learning. The training will be conducted through online platforms such as Google classroom and Zoom. Use of purely online training approaches has been necessitated by COVID- 19 pandemic which may not allow for blended training that involves face to face and online platforms.

This is the first time that the centre is rolling out online mass training for teachers due to Ministry of Health guidelines on covid 19 that prohibit social gatherings.

Here is a list of successful trainees:

S/N Name School Subject County Sub County
1 Mangána Divinah Nyaboki Boitang’re Chemistry/Biology Kisii SAMETA
2 Boaz Nyachuayaonsare Kenyerere Mixed Dok Sec Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii SAMETA
3 Magangi  Wycliffe Kenyoro Physics/Mathematics Kisii SAMETA
4 Evans  Matara KENYORO S.S Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii SAMETA
5 Benhadad Oino Kenyoro Ss Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii SAMETA
6 Geofrey Nyantika KIONGONGI Mathematics/Physics Kisii SAMETA
7 James Ong’era Nyamaiyeria St Dominic Rusinga Chemistry/Physics Kisii SAMETA
8 Lornah Kiptoo St Pangras Kiong’ongi Biology/Chemistry Kisii SAMETA
9 Ruth Omandi St Peters Rianyachuba Mathematics/ Biology Kisii SAMETA
10 Jelia Bonareri Ebigogo DEB Biology/Chemistry Kisii NYAMACHE
11 Arege Ogeto Ebigogo Deb Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii NYAMACHE
12 Jaspher Nyachae Ekeonga Agriculture/Biology Kisii NYAMACHE
13 Nyabayo Francis Emenwa Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii NYAMACHE
14 Ongaki Victor Getai Sda Agriculture/Biology Kisii NYAMACHE
15 Jared K. Kaboki Gionseri Girls Biology/Home Science Kisii NYAMACHE
16 Nancy M. Kitongi Isena Mission Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii NYAMACHE
17 Dennis Jomo Mochengo PHY/BUS Kisii NYAMACHE
18 Stanley S. Okindo Mogonga Biology/Agriculture Kisii NYAMACHE
19 Cherono Lily Mosora Agriculture/Chemistry Kisii NYAMACHE
20 Kefa Mboi Naikuru Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii NYAMACHE
21 Dennis Mogaka Naikuru Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii NYAMACHE
22 Jackson M. Mekubo Nyabisia Biology/Agriculture Kisii NYAMACHE
23 Mokono Mary Nyabite Ac Mathematics/Biology Kisii NYAMACHE
24 Nyabuto Joseph Nyabite Ac Mathematics/Physics Kisii NYAMACHE
25 Kefa K. Ongori Nyabite Dok Biology/Chemistry Kisii NYAMACHE
26 Annah Mwake M. Nyamakorobo Biology/Agriculture Kisii NYAMACHE
27 Obadiah Kimori Nyoera Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii NYAMACHE
28 Oginda B. Benard Riambase Mathematics/Biology Kisii NYAMACHE
29 Ronald Onkundi Riambase Deb Biology/Agriculture Kisii NYAMACHE
30 Alfayo Otieno Rigena Pag Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii NYAMACHE
31 Mellen Oirere Rigena Pag Biology/Agriculture Kisii NYAMACHE
32 Makori Bonface Rigena Pag Biology/Chemistry Kisii NYAMACHE
33 Veronica Bogecho St Charles Kabeo Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii NYAMACHE
34 Ruth Musyoka Turwa Mathematics/Biology Kisii NYAMACHE
35 Ongoro Zachary Turwa Physics/Chemistry Kisii NYAMACHE
36 Sereta Bonface Turwa Agriculture/Biology Kisii NYAMACHE
37 Orindi Thomas Amabuko Sec Biology/Agriculture Kisii MASABA SOUTH
38 Thomas Nyaiburi Amabuko Sec Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
39 Felista Omari Amasege  Sda Agriculture/Biology Kisii MASABA SOUTH
40 Walter Ogada Amasege  SDA Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
41 Gordon Atuma Amasege  Sda Maths /geo Kisii MASABA SOUTH
42 Kiplangat Tuei Bogeche DOK Biology/Agriculture Kisii MASABA SOUTH
43 Maxwell Nyaboke Gesabakwa Biology/Agriculture Kisii MASABA SOUTH
44 Lilian Nyanchechi Hema High Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
45 Collins Ayienda Hema High Chemistry/Physics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
46 Paul Oigo Hema High Chemistry/Biology Kisii MASABA SOUTH
47 Peter Omambia Matibo Girls Mathematics/Physics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
48 Wilfred Monte Omwansa Matibo Girls Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
49 Ogutu Mary Moi Gesusu Biology/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
50 Obare Julius Moi Gesusu Mathematics/Geography Kisii MASABA SOUTH
51 Nyakundi Tirimba Moi Gesusu Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
52 Okoti Benard Mosisa Biology/Agriculture Kisii MASABA SOUTH
53 Janet Morubi Musa Nyandusi Gesicho Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii MASABA SOUTH
54 Alex Mauti Musa Nyandusi Gesicho Chemistry/Biology Kisii MASABA SOUTH
55 Nyandemo Alice Nyamagesa COG Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
56 Steve Michira Nyamagesa COG Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
57 Dan Ogora Nyanturago High Mathematics/Physics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
58 Shadrack Mose Nyanturago High Biology/Mathematics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
59 Zipporah Omariba Ramasha Sec Biology/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
60 Walter Mogaka St Charlse Lwanga Chemistry/Physics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
61 Peter Isaboke St Charlse Lwanga Chemistry/Physics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
62 Geofrey Getanda St Charlse Lwanga Physics/Mathematics Kisii MASABA SOUTH
63 Dorcas Nduge St Charlse Lwanga Chemistry/Biology Kisii MASABA SOUTH
64 Mabira Obonyo St Joseph Matibo Biology/Chemistry Kisii MASABA SOUTH
65 Julius Nunda St.Peters Chironge Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii MASABA SOUTH
66 Edwin Ongaki Endereti Biology/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
67 Wyclife  Nyakundi  Omayo Engoto Physics/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
68 Moirongo Eucabeth Mwango Entanda Mixed Biology/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
69 Laban Magembe Entanda Mixed Business Studies/Geography Kisii MARANI
70 Nyangaresi Mercycline Entanda Mixed Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
71 Martha Gori Entanda Mixed Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
72 Nyawari Justus Moranga Eramba Mathematics/PhysicsC Kisii MARANI
73 Ongwenyi G. Theophus Eramba Ss Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
74 Evans  Nyakundi GAMBA Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
75 Gilbert Omayo Gamba Mathematics/Physics Kisii MARANI
76 Julius  Sifuna  Babikita GETURI Physics/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
77 George  Odhiambo Ouma Geturi Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
78 Monda  Suleiman Makori Geturi Physics/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
79 Cliff  Ragira Geturi Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
80 Harbert  Ondiba ITIBO GIRLS Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
81 Beatrice  Kebasi Itibo Girls Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
82 Reilah  K.  Oyaro Itibo Girls Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
83 Josephine  Pombe Itibo Girls Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
84 Johnson  Oyaro Itibo Girls Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
85 Josphat Makori Kegogi DEB Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
86 Erick Nyarika Kegogi Mixed Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
87 Julius  Motuka  Moreka Kiareni Elck Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
88 Steve  Sindiga  Manoti MASAKWE Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
89 Tinega Onwong’a Denis Mesaria Chemistry/Physics Kisii MARANI
90 Gichana Joyce Nyagesenda Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
91 George Mosota Nyagesenda Ss Mathematics/Physics Kisii MARANI
92 Linah Sagini Nyagesenda Ss Chemistry/Biology Kisii MARANI
93 Aika O. Charles Nyagonyi Elck Biology/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
94 Faith Ondicho Nyagonyi ELCK Mathematics /Physics Kisii MARANI
95 Judy  K  Ichwara Nyagoto MathematicsH/BS Kisii MARANI
96 Judy K. Ichwara Nyagoto Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii MARANI
97 Gerald Wanjala Chonge Nyagoto Physics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
98 Timothy  Okerio NYAKEYO COG Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii MARANI
99 Victor Mokaya Nyakeyo COG Mathematics/Physics Kisii MARANI
100 Rebecca Mokaya Nyakeyo COG Business Studies/Geography Kisii MARANI
101 Jephter Arosi Nyakeyo COG Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
102 Ombui  Joseph NYAKOME FRIENDS Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
103 Masinde  Remmy NYAKOME FRIENDS Physics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
104 Oira  Fredrick  Nyaribo NYAKOORA Biology/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
105 Elijah  Obadiah Nyakoora Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
106 James  Borura Nyakoora Biology/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
107 Chrysantus  Omari Fred Nyakoora MathematicsH/COMP Kisii MARANI
108 Jimmy  Carey  Nyamari NYANSAKIA Chemistry/Biology Kisii MARANI
109 Levy N. Nyongesa NYASASA Mathematics/Physics Kisii MARANI
110 Vera Mosirigwa Nyasore SDA Biology/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
111 Reuben  O.  Okindo RIOMA Physics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
112 Philip  Obwocha RIOMA Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
113 Jaspher  Nyataige SENSI SDA Physics/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
114 Nicolas Obaga Miyoge St. Johns Metembe Agriculture/Biology Kisii MARANI
115 Joel  Wanjara ST. PAULS NYANKANDA Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
116 Nelson  Mekenye St.Marys Ngenyi Girls Mathematics/Physics Kisii MARANI
117 Roseline  Nyakundi St.Pauls Nyankanda Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
118 Lilian  S.  Osoro Tambacha Mathematics/PhysicsC Kisii MARANI
119 Ruth Ongeri Tambacha Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii MARANI
120 Edmond Onchuru Tambacha Computer Studies/Mathematics Kisii MARANI
121 Rose  Nyaboke  Asoti TAMBACHA COG Biology/Agriculture Kisii MARANI
122 Peter Ogola CARDINAL Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
123 Tani Albert Ondari Cardinal Chemistry/Biology Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
124 Vincent Nyambane CARDINAL Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
125 Conerlius Sakawa Cardinal Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
126 Biliah Makori Cardinal Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
127 Cheruyoit Kibet Justus Cardinal Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
128 Johnstone K. Oyaro Cardinal Agriculture/Biology Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
129 Ombasa  Dionisius Cardinal  Otunga Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
130 Hesbon Ogembo Daraja Mbili Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
131 Vincent Magiya DARAJA MBILI Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
132 Kennedy Oyoo Daraja Mbili Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
133 Horace Okumu Daraja Mbili Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
134 Vane Orango Daraja Mbili Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
135 Ezra Nyasimi Daraja Mbili Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
136 Hilda Nyanduko Ondicho Getembe Sec Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
137 Oduor Janet Otieno Getembe Sec Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
138 Wesley K. Rono Getembe Sec Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
139 Robert Ouko Otieno Getembe Sec Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
140 Dennis M. Nyaundi Iranda Sec Mathematics/Kiswahili Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
141 Stephen Atika IRANDA SEC Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
142 Jared M. Mokua Iranda Sec Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
143 Jared O.Amwoma Kanunda Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
144 Alice K. Omare Keore Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
145 Benard S. Oruru Keore Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
146 Douglas Ogembo KIOGE GIRLS Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
147 Jared Oirere Ongoto KIOGE GIRLS Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
148 Justus Samoita Achichi KIOGE GIRLS Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
149 Roselyne Nyachieo KIOGE GIRLS Mathematics/COMP Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
150 Edward Omwenga KIOGE GIRLS Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
151 Ochoi Dennis KIOGE GIRLS Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
152 Mutsya Shabidah NYABURURU Biology/Mathematics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
153 Batholomew Oenga Obiero Nyabururu Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
154 Vincent Nyangau Nyabururu Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
155 Peter Odhiambo Nyabururu Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
156 Atima S. Philp NYAGISAI Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
157 Ronald Kipsang Chebet Nyagisai Chemistry/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
158 Risper Ombati Nyamatuta Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
159 Beatrice Ochego Nyamatuta Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
160 Duke Nyaugo Ogeto NYAORE SEC Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
161 Edwin Kitoto Ongicha Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
162 Amos Moturi Ongicha Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
163 Edwin  Maranga Ongicha  Sec. Biology/Agriculture Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
164 Omosa K. Ziporah RIOTERO SEC Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
165 Amos Maiko Riotero Sec Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
166 Emmanuel A. Atinda ST.PATRICKS MOSOCHO Mathematics/Physics Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
167 Delvin N. Atisa ST.PATRICKS MOSOCHO MathematicsT Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
168 Emma K. Moseti ST.PATRICKS MOSOCHO Biology/Chemistry Kisii KITUTU CENTRAL
169 Stephine Rwaki Mauti Bitare S.D.A Mathematicsh/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
170 Yvone Justus Bitare S.D.A Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
171 Mbaka Christine Bogitaa ELCK Mathematicsh/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
172 Alice Omwenga Maganga Bogitaa Elck Physics/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
173 Ronald Obure Gesero Mathematics Kisii KISII SOUTH
174 Johnson Mobisa Gesero Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
175 Alice Syombua Iruma Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII SOUTH
176 Magara Benjamin Itierio Boys Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii KISII SOUTH
177 Nyambane Frankline Itierio Boys Mathematics/music Kisii KISII SOUTH
178 Amos Kerama Itierio Boys Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII SOUTH
179 Vincent Onyancha Matongo Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII SOUTH
180 Robert Michira Mauteri Matongo Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII SOUTH
181 Haron Gesimba Orina Matongo Mixed Mathematics/Geography Kisii KISII SOUTH
182 Austine Ombwori Mwata Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
183 Annette Nyamusi Nyabieyo Mathematicsh/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
184 Cyrus Mose Nyabieyo Mathematicsh/Business Studies Kisii KISII SOUTH
185 Dennis Mauti Riamonting’a Chemistry/Biology Kisii KISII SOUTH
186 Everylne Moige Nyakang’o Rianyabaro Coe Mathematics/Biology Kisii KISII SOUTH
187 James Ongwae Onsoti St Francis Nyasagati Mathematicsh/Physics Kisii KISII SOUTH
188 Joyce Nyareso St Peters Suneka Biology/Home Science Kisii KISII SOUTH
189 Simeon O. Mayaka Sugunana Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII SOUTH
190 Millecent M. Chesang St Peters Suneka Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII SOUTH
191 Rogers Machuki Bobaracho Sec Physics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
192 Lynnet Ndede Bobaracho Sec Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
193 Everlyne Atieno Ouko BORUMA SEC Computer Studies/Mathematics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
194 Benard Kamanda Nyabwanga BORUMA SEC Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
195 Martha Kemuma Ogega GIANCHERE FRI Chemistry/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
196 Peter Ongeri Momanyi GIANCHERE FRI Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
197 Benard Obierika GIANCHERE FRI Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
198 Mavyline K. Motari GIANCHERE FRI Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
199 Jared Maato Ibeno Sec Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
200 Lilian Mosoba Ongwae IRUNGU PAG SEC Chemistry/Biology Kisii KISII CENTRAL
201 Mokandu Dennis Mosioma IRUNGU PAG SEC Physics/Mathematics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
202 Boaz Orina Obino Irungu PAG Sec Mathematics/Geography Kisii KISII CENTRAL
203 James Asiago Nyakundi Irungu Pag Sec Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
204 Amos Mosioma Irungu Pag Sec Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
205 Dolvine Obutu Mosoti Irungu PAGSec Chemistry/Biology Kisii KISII CENTRAL
206 Elsie Nyanchama  Ochanda KABOSI Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
207 Justus Monda Ondera KABOSI Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
208 Robert Mosioma Kebaso Kabosi Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
209 Nyachio Richard KEOKE FRIENDS Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
210 Judy Chelangat KEOKE FRIENDS Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
211 Kevin Kenyenga Omariba Keoke Friends Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
212 Onchera Stephen KERERI Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
213 Peterson Onyiego KERERI Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
214 Atandi Ogaro Evans KERERI Mathematics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
215 Job Muma Kereri Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
216 Lilian Moseti Kereri Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
217 Alfred Ongera Kebaso Kiamabundu Sec Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
218 Florence Bikeri Ogando Kiamabundu Sec Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
219 Ann Selim KISII SCHOOL Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
220 Owino James KISII SCHOOL Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
221 Richard Obwoge KISII SCHOOL Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII CENTRAL
222 Job Abuga KISII SCHOOL Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
223 Antonita K Morasi KISII SCHOOL Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
224 Mairira Edward O. Kisii School Physics/Mathematics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
225 Jared Nyakioga KISII SCHOOL Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII CENTRAL
226 Edward Nyangoya KISII SCHOOL Physics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
227 Alfred Ongoro KISII SCHOOL Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
228 Laurent C. Makori Kisii School PM/Mathematics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
229 Ednah Akinyi KISII SCHOOL Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
230 Eric Obiero KISII SCHOOL Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII CENTRAL
231 Kwach Esther Mary MATUNWA SEC Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
232 Brenda M.Onkoba NYAMWARE SEC Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
233 Hillary N.Nyabaro Nyamware Sec Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
234 Thadeus Omari Nyanchwa Boys Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII CENTRAL
235 Dennis Omwamba Nyanchwa Boys Chemistry/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
236 Kaunda Collins Matoke NYANCHWA GIRLS Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
237 Rowlyne Miruka NYANCHWA GIRLS Biology/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
238 Edwin Onkware Michoma NYANGURU Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII CENTRAL
239 Osoro Nyaosi NYANGURU Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
240 Nyabuto Dominic NYAURA SEC Mathematics/Physics Kisii KISII CENTRAL
241 Pauline Mwango Nyasimi Nyaura Sec Biology/Agriculture Kisii KISII CENTRAL
242 Nyamweya Terice Omwari Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
243 Onchiri Obwogi Dismas Riondonga  Sec. Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KISII CENTRAL
244 Bonface Atambo RIONDONGA SEC Chemistry/Biology Kisii KISII CENTRAL
245 Douglas Nyabuto RIONDONGA SEC Physics/Chemistry Kisii KISII CENTRAL
246 Wycliffe Chweya Eberege Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
247 Michira Brian Emenwa Agriculture/Biology Kisii KENYENYA
248 Jameson Osike Iyenga Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
249 Joram B. KEBABE SDA SECONDARY Chemistry/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
250 Cairus K. Onyancha KEBABE SDA SECONDARY Biology/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
251 Maxwel N. Abuya KENYENYA SECONDARY Biology/Geography Kisii KENYENYA
252 Benard O. Makori KENYENYA SECONDARY Chemistry/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
253 Josphat O. Ntabo KERONGORORI SECONDARY Mathematics/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
254 Abel Nyakundi Magena Boys Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
255 Bukki Mauti Onduso Maiga Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
256 Linet Momany Mobirona Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KENYENYA
257 George K. Batasi MOKOMONI SECONDARY Chemistry/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
258 Purity Onwong’a MOKUBO SECONDARY Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
259 Evans N. Marthin MOKUBO SECONDARY Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
260 Rono Vinicent Moteiribe Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
261 Magara Duke Moteiribe Mathematics/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
262 Ombega Dennis Moteiribe Mathematics/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
263 Omundi Bonface Moteiribe Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
264 Ogega Wright Moteiribe Biology/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
265 Nombi Cylus Moteiribe Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KENYENYA
266 Kevin Ombiro Nyabinyinyi Mathematics/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
267 Evans Makori Nyabinynyi Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii KENYENYA
268 Ibrahim Ntabo Nyaibate Cog Mathematics/Kiswahili Kisii KENYENYA
269 Geoffrey Mose Nyaibate Cog Physics/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
270 Laban N.Ongaki Nyamecheo Sec Physics/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
271 Inyega Dominic NYAMECHEO SEC Mathematics/Biology Kisii KENYENYA
272 Nyabuto Ignatius Nyamecheo Sec Mathematics/PE Kisii KENYENYA
273 Allah Okoth Nyamesocho Mathematics/Biology Kisii KENYENYA
274 Chrisphine Onyango Omobera Girls Mathematics/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
275 Risper M. Osinde RIOKINDO BOYS SEC Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
276 Lilian M. Arama RIOKINDO BOYS SEC Biology/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
277 Oran’gi David Kinaro RIOKINDO GIRLS SEC Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
278 Joseph M. Abincha SENGERA SDA SECONDARY Chemistry/Physics Kisii KENYENYA
279 Jaspher N. Onyinkwa SENGERA SDA SECONDARY Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
280 Edwin B. Nyamari St. Augustine Magenche Biology/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
281 Gladys Zachary St. Francis Metembe Physics/Chemistry Kisii KENYENYA
282 Agnes Charles St. Francis Metembe Biology/Agriculture Kisii KENYENYA
283 Okemwa Dennis St. Peters Keberesi MATHS/CHEM Kisii KENYENYA
284 Teresa Moraa AMAIKO Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
285 Kemunto Ongori Amaiko Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
286 Aero Akoth AMAIKO Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
287 Geoffrey Omolo Giasobera Mathematics/Geography Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
288 Hillary Sosi Giasobera Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
289 Dickson Omosa Giasobera Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
290 Gervas Mauti Gotichaki Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
291 Hezron Mosoti Ibrahim Ochoi Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
292 Daniel Okiagera Ibrahim Ochoi Physics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
293 Onkoi Shadrack KIABIGORIA Chemistry/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
294 Isanda Geoffrey Kiabigoria Physics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
295 Judith Ogeto Kiorori Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
296 Julius Obara Kiorori Chemistry/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
297 Anarclate Momanyi Kiorori MAT/PHY Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
298 Eunice Mbiu MARONGO Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
299 George Omoro Marongo Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
300 Rael Mayoyo Nduru Boys Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
301 Alfred Ruto Nyabigena Girls Chemistry/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
302 Edward Ogega Nyabigena Girls Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
303 Evans Okindo NYAGICHENCHE Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
304 Stanley Ratumo Nyagichenche Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
305 Jephter Duke Nyagichenche Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
306 Joseph Momanyi Nyagichenche Mathematics/COMP. Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
307 Everline Onderi Nyakembene Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
308 David Nyabwari Nyamonaria Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
309 Hezborn Machogu Nyamonaria Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
310 Peter Ombui Nyamonaria Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
311 Benson Osinde Nyamonaria Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
312 Catherine Nyarega RIOSIRI Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
313 Lydia Nyarumba Riosiri Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
314 Eric Amaya Riosiri Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
315 Syliviah Abuya TABAKA HIGH Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
316 Walter Moindi TABAKA HIGH Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
317 Charles Jomo Tabaka High Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA SOUTH
318 Peterson M.Obwoge Bombaba Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
319 Lilian Ngetich GAKERO ELCK Chemistry/Biology Kisii GUCHA
320 Caleb Okeri Gakero Elck Chemistry/Biology Kisii GUCHA
321 Manoti Malach GAKERO SDA Physics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
322 Ongera Nyachae GAKERO SDA Chemistry/Biology Kisii GUCHA
323 Begi Isaac Gakero Sda Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA
324 Ogega Zablon GETUKI Physics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
325 Omwoyo Hesbon Nyangau MACHONGO Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
326 Bagaka Japhet Obuba MACHONGO Mathematics/Geography Kisii GUCHA
327 Michoki Paul Mochengo MACHONGO Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
328 Okiomeri John Onderi MACHONGO Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
329 Kereu Dennis Riogi MACHONGO Physics/Mathematics Kisii GUCHA
330 Callen Mogunde Nyagenke Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii GUCHA
331 Samuel Gikonyo NYAGENKE Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
332 Calleb Magara Nyagenke Mathematics/Physics Kisii GUCHA
333 Robert Mokua Nyakoiba Mathematics/Geography Kisii GUCHA
334 Nelson Atina Nyamonyo Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii GUCHA
335 Okeno Nyabuto NYAMONYO Chemistry/Physics Kisii GUCHA
336 Albert Mokua Nyamonyo Physics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
337 Justus Onywere Nyamonyo Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
338 Aniph Maosa Nyamonyo Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
339 Nyagaka Elvis Nyamoronga Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
340 Richard Getubo Nyamoronga Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
341 Omare Robert Nyansakia Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
342 Dorcas Njogu Nyansakia Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
343 Onkoba Okenyuri Tendere Biology/Chemistry Kisii GUCHA
344 Gikenyi Nyakweba Tendere Biology/Agriculture Kisii GUCHA
345 Movaline Ondieki Ayora Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
346 Mellen Gisemba Ikoba Chemistry/Physics Kisii ETAGO
347 Levi Bumbo KIAGWARE Mathematics/Physics Kisii ETAGO
348 Nyachra Ronald KIAGWARE Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
349 Mochere Douglas Kiagware Biology/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
350 Oboso Robina KIAGWARE Mathematics/Geography Kisii ETAGO
351 Osao Hesbon Kiagware Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii ETAGO
352 Kennedy Onyiego Kiendege Physics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
353 Hudson Mabiria Kiendege Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
354 Denis Onsongo Makara Biology/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
355 Emily Isoe MARIWA Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
356 Gibert Ongeri Moticho Girls Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
357 Thomas M. Omambia NCHORO Chemistry/Mathematics Kisii ETAGO
358 Ondara Ontita Nchoro Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
359 Nyabuto N. Lilian Nchoro Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
360 Douglas Getembe NDONYO Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
361 Isaac Magara Ndonyo Chemistry/Physics Kisii ETAGO
362 Vanis Oganda Ndonyo Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
363 Oyondi Kombo Ndonyo Chemistry/Physics Kisii ETAGO
364 Kefa Omoga Nyabine Mathematics/Physics Kisii ETAGO
365 Nelson Rono Nyabine Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
366 Ezra Kiplangat Nyabine Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
367 Samwel Ochenge NYAKEYO Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
368 Enock  Omwoyo Nyakeyo Biology/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
369 Israel Onyango Nyakeyo Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
370 Danvas  Otete  Nyansikera Nyakeyo Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
371 Julius Magare Nyakeyo Biology/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
372 Hargreves Mauti NYAKORERE P.A.G. Chemistry/Physics Kisii ETAGO
373 Habbakuk Kaoka NYAKORERE P.A.G. Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
374 Geoffrey Ong’ono Nyakorere P.A.G. Mathematics/COMP. Kisii ETAGO
375 Joshua Onderi NYAMONDO Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
376 Albert Miruka Nyamondo Mathematics/Physics Kisii ETAGO
377 Jared Ondigi Nyamondo Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
378 Cosmas Moreka NYANGWETA D.O.K. Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
379 Zachary Okonu NYANGWETA D.O.K. Mathematics/Physics Kisii ETAGO
380 Juduy Omoke Nyangweta D.O.K. Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
381 Enock Ondieki NYANGWETA S.D.A. Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
382 Ruth Ondieki Nyangweta S.D.A. Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii ETAGO
383 Elijah Ototo NYATWONI Mathematics/Chemistry Kisii ETAGO
384 Denis Mauti NYATWONI Mathematics/Physics Kisii ETAGO
385 Wickliff Machuka Nyatwoni Biology/Agriculture Kisii ETAGO
386 Damaris Moturi Nyatwoni Mathematics/Business Studies Kisii ETAGO


Lists from other counties will be posted here, soon.