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2024 KSSSA Sports News Documentaries.

⚽Soccer Boys Past National Champions


1971-Menengai High school
1972-Homabay Highschool
1973- Friends School Kamusinga
1974-Homabay High school
1975- Njoro Boys High school
1976- Njoro Boys High school
1977-Khamisi Sec School
1978-Khamisi Sec School
1979-Kakamega High


1980-Kakamega High
1981-Kakamega High
1982-Kakamega High
1983-Kakamega High
1984-Musingu High
1985-Homabay High
1986-Kakamega High school
1987-Iterio High school
1988- NOT HELD
1989-Kakamega High school


1990-Kakamega High school
1991-Ofafa Jericho
1992-Mombasa High school
1993-Kapenguria Boys
1994-Kapenguria Boys
1995-Kakamega High school
1996-Mombasa High school
1997-Kisii High school
1998-Mombasa High school
1999-Mombasa High school


2000-Mombasa High school
2001-Kamukunji High school
2002-Kamukunji High school
2003-St Antony’s Boys Kitale
2004-Thur Gem
2005-St Antony’s Boys Kitale
2006-Mombasa High school
2007-St Antony’s Boys Kitale
2008-Kakamega High school
2009-Langata High school
2010-St Mark Mokorogoinwa Sec.


2011-Gekomoni High school
2012-St Antony’s Boys Kitale
2013-Upper Hill High school
2014-Kakamega High school
2015-Passenga Boys
2016-Laiser Hill
2017-Upper Hill High school
2018- Kakamega High school U-19
St Anthony’s U-16

2019- St . Antony’s Boys Kitale U-19

Serani Boys U-16.


2020 & 2021: Not held as a result of Covid 19.

2022: Ebwali Secondary School.
2023: St. Anthony’s Boys Kitale

2024: ?

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